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Nike Flagship Store to open in NYC on 21 Mercer

This store on 21 Mercer has a much different look and feel than the Niketowns you’ve been to. It’s very designer-esque… looks like a Gucci or Prada flagship. It’s got quite a cabin-like feel to it with some really eye-pleasing gallery features. The walk-thru video is so-so, but it’s only a couple minutes long and gives you a behind the scenes and inside look of the store, its layout, its capabilities, and its showcased products.

Mishka Brookyln In-Store Tour

Mishka – Office & Store tour – Brooklyn, June 2008 from on Vimeo.
We have posted lots of Mishka, so were giving your a behind the scene look of Mishkas offices and store. Owned by Greg Rivera,Mishka was once a small company trying to find its footing in the competitive new york fashion world. Over 5 years later they have built the foundation for sneaker-oriented fashion, using childhood inspiration for logos and bold colorways Mishka looks like its here to stay. Here you get a look at where exactly their inspiration and ideas have come from. The video is a little long but you really get a glimpse of what it takes to make it big.