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Young & Reckless: Sketchy Sledding In Los Angeles

Only Young & Reckless could go sledding in Los Angeles. The Y&R crew headed out to beautiful Elysian Park, home of the world famous Dodger Stadium, for a nice day of winter activities. Since the local mountains weren’t open for sledding yet, they decided to make their own. So, they brought the snow to LA for their enjoyment. Continue reading Young & Reckless: Sketchy Sledding In Los Angeles

Young and Reckless Giveaway

Here we go again… giving away more free dopeness. This time you’ll be entering to win 1 of 4 Young and Reckless t-shirts. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Fantasy Factory or Rob & Big knows of the enviable Drama — a dude who is basically a richer, more famous, idealized version of yourself. And… he recently launched his own clothing line, which just so happens to be ballin. As both a gentleman and a scholar, Drama has allowed his people to allow us to give away 4 of his shirts.

Here are the details: We’re giving 2 away via Facebook, and 2 away via Twitter. You CAN enter on both Twitter and Facebook, so theoretically, you could win 2 shirts.


1. Become a fan of Sneakhype on Facebook.

2. Become a fan of Young & Reckless on Facebook.

3. Click the blue “Facebook Share” button at the top of this post, and post the link (with an image thumbnail) to your profile. Feel free to add a personal message.


1. Follow @sneakhype

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3. Click the green “Retweet” button at the top of this page and share this post with your followers. Feel free to RT it several (hundred) times.

Final note: Us Twitterers know that the more followers you have, the more you feel like a rock star. So anybody who wants to follow me @ericgiroux… well, it’s not going to hurt your chances of winning. And here are the twitters of the other homies in the Sneakhype crew: @TheRealPG13, @mellamoTSECH, and @johnzanussi. Also, @DramaBeats has more followers than I could ever dream of, but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you followed him either.

Winners will be announced on 4/20 at approximately 4:20. Good luck.

P.S. You know it’s cool when the effin ZEFFRON endorses it. Damn, his girlfriend is bangin. Also, all this fresh Y&R gear (and more) is available at the Young & Reckless online shop.

Diamond Supply Co. X Young & Reckless Limited edition Tee

Diamond Supply Co. recently hooked up with Young & Reckless on a limited edition t-shirt. The new tee comes in 5 different colorways, all of which are pretty fly. If you are not familiar with Young & Reckless clothing, it was created by Fantasy Factory’s own Drama. You can pick this up at exclusive Diamond and Young & Reckless retailers. Check out some earlier releases from Young & Reckless here. Continue reading Diamond Supply Co. X Young & Reckless Limited edition Tee

Dramas Young & Reckless Clothing

If you have been watching Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory lately you have probably noticed Drama Rocking his new Young & Reckless clothing. If you haven’t been watching Fastasy Factory, you should be. I wonder if everyone associated with the Rob Dyrdek programs gets a their own clothing line. Rob has Rogue Status, Big Black had his own line, and now Drama has Young & Reckless. Drama’s line is looking pretty dope though i must admit. Check out the rest of the collection after the jump and hit up the Y & R online store here.

UPDATE Feb 9, 2010: Check out the newest collab between Young and Reckless with Diamond Supply Co. here and check out the Diamond Pop Up Shop Exclusive items here. Continue reading Dramas Young & Reckless Clothing