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A look at the latest adidas Yeezy 750 Boost “Light Grey/Gum”

Here’s a look at the most recent Yeezy 750 Boost release.  adidas already dropped the first round of shoes on their Reserved app.  Now, you’ll have a chance to grab it at retailers like Sneaker Politics.

Sneaker Politics, in particular, will be holding a raffle for you to purchase the shoes on June 11th.  Most retailers will most likely be holding a similar process for the pairs they have.  Check out the shoes:

adidas-yeezy-750-boost-1 adidas-yeezy-750-boost-2 adidas-yeezy-750-boost-4 adidas-yeezy-750-boost-5 adidas-yeezy-750-boost-6 adidas-yeezy-750-boost-8

Kanye West Will Give You a Free Pair of Yeezys if You Can Guess His Album Title

First it was Swish, then it was Waves.  Now, Kanye’s upcoming album title is apparently going to be T.L.O.P. and he wants to see if you can guess what it stands for.  In fact, he has offered to giveaway a free pair of Yeezys to whoever is the first person that correctly guess what the acronym stands for.  Of course, once someone guesses it he’ll probably just change the name again.

Who knew someone could create such hype by simpling changing the name of his album several times?



People obviously started in right away with the guesses.  We felt these ones were probably the closest:

[sigallery id=”PDbuft9g5rcNpk3uTnV6oa” title=”Kanye West TLOP Tweets” type=”sigallery”]

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Dude Skateboards in new adidas Yeezy 350s and Destroys them

Oh man, “sneakerheads” are going to be mad about this one.  JENKEM Magazine tested out the newest pair of shoes from Kanye West.  They treated the adidas Yeezy 350 Boost with absolute disrespect.  However, I appreciate the message:  They’re JUST shoes, guys.

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Artist Meshes Multiple Shoe Brands for Ultimate Kanye West “Yeezys”


Designer, Arnel Custic, recently put together a number of designs which mesh multiple shoe brands that have been endorsed by Mr. Kanye West.  His first collaboration was with the luxury brand, Louis Vuitton.  He then went on to release multiple shoes with Nike, and now he’s landed with adidas.  This gives you a look at what all of his collaborative efforts combined might look like:



Check out Arnel’s Instagram here.

adidas Yeezy Season 1 is Perfect for the Stylish Bum Inside You

This.  Is.  Fashion.  From what some would say anyways.  I don’t know much about fashion, but this new collection from Kanye and the Three Stripes is not doing it for me.  Just look at it, it looks like they changed inside of a trash dumpster, threw on the clothes they found inside of it, and then came inside right after to do the photoshoot.  The couple pairs of shoes that adidas & Kanye have teamed up for seem pretty ill, but there is no way that I can co-sign these threads.  Not only do they look pretty awful, but prices are sure to sky high, which is ironic since Kanye wants his designs to be easily accessible by everyone.  Anyways, I’ll end my rant.  Kanye, if you see this, you my guy & I’d love a pair of Yeezy Boosts, but head back to square one with the clothing.  Check out a preview of the collection right here:
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adidas 750 Yeezy Boost Posters Available Now

Getting your hands on a pair of the new Yeezy’s from adidas is not going to be an easy task.  With total number of pairs sitting at 9000, they are sure to be near impossible to get a pair.  Not to mention the price tag is at a whopping $350.  These dope prints from Kick Posters are a great consolation prize.  Three different prints available, buy them here.
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