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Bro Science explains why you should avoid these exercises

As we all know “Summa Sixteen” (Drake Voice) has officially begun.  That means it’s time to trade in your used dad bod for a free three-month membership to Hulu (Genesis stop calling me), a warm pack of beer, and of course a VIP entry to some random apartment complex pool that hasn’t kicked you out yet. Hitting the gym isn’t a question, it’s the answer. . . that is if you want hot babes, non-functional stationary strength, and a bigger ego while staring at yourself in the mirror.

So, how do you get the washboard abs you’ve always wanted? Who better than the man, the myth, the legend, Dom Mazzetti to help whip you back into shape with another instructional Bro Science video.  This time, he shows us the “Least Alpha” exercises and why you should avoid them at all costs.  Check out the hilarious video below:

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MOTOACTV – Fitness Watch & GPS

Can’t get your hands on a Nike+ FuelBand? Well, if you’re actually interested in the practicality of a fitness monitor, and not the hype of the FuelBand, you should check out the MOTOACTV. This bad baby is a touchscreen GPS, heart rate monitor, 8 or 16 gig mp3 player, comes with wireless headphones, wristband, armband, and syncs with Droid phones. It tracks calories burned, distanced traveled, route, speed, average pace, and elevation. The MOTOACTV also has 7 different watch faces and looks pretty dope, so you could get away with wearing it casually.

It’s got a ton of other stuff going on, too — get this: it actually tracks the intensity of your workout during different songs, so you can see what songs you went the hardest on… then you can create a performance playlist. I’m pretty sold on this thing. Continue reading MOTOACTV – Fitness Watch & GPS