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Fill Your Fantasy Football Sorrows With a Playoff Fantasy Challenge

Regular fantasy football seasons have been over for a few weeks now, and if you’re like me at all, you’ve been feeling pretty empty inside.  Well, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a bit of fantasy action while the playoffs are still on and poppin’.  We’re hosting a fantasy football challenge for the divisional playoff round, and you can win $10.  All you have to do is beat me.

Pick your team here and good luck.

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Don’t Miss Out on Free 💰💸💵, Join Our Weekly Fantasy Football Challenge


All season long we’ve provided a weekly fantasy football challenge for you to win some free money.  Well, if for some reason you have yet to get in on the fun, we’re still going strong.  It’s completely free to enter, and you win $10 if you can beat me.  BUT I BET YOU CAN’T BEAT ME…


After you do that enjoy these funny football photos:

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5 Undervalued Players in Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 11

This late in the season it can be really hard to find undervalued players that are solid plays.  So, this list is mainly filled with deep sleepers that are pretty gutsy plays.  They all have the potential to post solid numbers, but that doesn’t come without risk.

Brock Osweiler, QB – Denver Broncos ($5900)


Welp, Peyton Manning is heading to the bench for a little while due to injury and that brings in the young whipper snapper, Brock Osweiler.  We haven’t seen much play from him yet, but he instantly plugs into a very solid offense with a ton of weapons.  With the QB position being so pricey, he looks pretty attractive for the price of $5900.

Marvin Jones, WR – Cincinnati Bengals ($4600)


The Arizona defense will most likely be locked in to the Bengals main weapons, AJ Green and Tyler Eifert.  That could leave a lot of room for Marvin Jones to make some big plays.  Both teams have solid defenses, but even better offenses.  That could mean this will turn into quite an interesting shootout.

Jamison Crowder, WR – Washington Redskins ($3900)

Crowder just seems like he’s due for a breakout game.  The number of targets he’s seen has increased over the course of the season, and Kirk Cousins seems to be more consistent in throwing the ball lately.  Carolina’s secondary is solid, but a shifty guy like Crowder should definitely make for a great option in the passing game.

Jay Ajayi, RB – Miami Dolphins ($2400)


A lot of people are thinking Jay Ajayi snags a red zone look or two from Lamar Miller going forward.  It’s not necessarily a long shot to think that, especially with Ajayi’s skillset, and how well he’s played since being activated off the IR.  It’s a gutsy play, but not a terrible gamble for your flex spot.

Shaun Draughn, RB – San Francisco ($3300)


Kaepernick is out, and now Carlos Hyde is out.  The 49ers will now be looking to Shaun Draughn to takeover the starting RB position.  It’s a tough matchup against the stout Seattle defense, but he should be in for a pretty large workload.  $3300 for a starting RB is not too shabby.

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5 Undervalued Players in Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 9

Trying to build the optimal line-up in weekly fantasy this week?  We got some players that can help you do just that.  There’s also details on how to win $10 playing daily fantasy at the bottom of the article.

Check out this week’s 5 undervalued players on FantasyScore:

Jameis Winston, QB – Tampa Bay Buccaneers ($6300)


Jameis and the Bucs are going up against the New York G-Men this week, and while he hasn’t played incredibly well, this could be the week he turns it on.  The Giants will be without several key pieces on defense including cornerback Prince Amukamara.  There’s a good chance they’ll also be playing from behind, so Jameis should be forced to throw the ball a lot.

Jeremy Langford, RB – Chicago Bears ($5000)


He might not be Matt Forte, but he’ll be getting Forte’s regular workload this week.  Jeremy Langford has a rare golden opportunity on Monday night against a San Diego defense that struggles against the run.  He has RB1 potential for the price of a low-end RB2.  Langford could definitely be this week’s lottery ticket.

Dontrelle Inman, WR – San Diego Chargers ($2800)


Philip Rivers has been playing Super Saiyan so far this year, not to mention he just lost his favorite WR.  That means it’s between Stevie Johnson, Malcolm Floyd, and Dontrelle Inman to take the torch.  My money’s on Dontrelle Inman.  In the two weeks that Keenan Allen missed last year, Inman averaged 6 catches for 79 yards a game.  He also averaged 8.5 targets in each of those games.  Rivers seems to trust him a lot, and I’d expect him to emerge as the new No.1 option for the Chargers.

Benjamin Watson, TE – New Orleans Saints ($4600)


Watson has been straight killin’ it and he still is one of the lower end TEs as far as cost goes.  Drew Brees has definitely shaken off all the cobwebs from the offseason and will be looking to continue his solid play against the Titans this week.  Save a bit of money at the TE position and roll the dice on Watson once again.

Chris Thompson, RB – Washington Redskins ($2900)

There shouldn’t be any doubt that the Redskins will be playing from behind this week.  In comes the Redskins’ passing down back, Chris Thompson.  They should have to throw often, and they’ll have to get the ball out quick against New England’s tough defense.  That means we should see a good number of check-downs to Mr. Chris.  He’s a great flex play to save some money this week.

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Win $10 in Our Weekly Fantasy Football Challenge


We’ve handed out nearly $1000 so far this Fantasy Football season, and the question is: Why are you not getting in on it?  All you have to do is beat me in our weekly fantasy challenge on FantasyScore.  Do that and you get $10.  Best part is – it’s completely free to enter.  Ok, the best part might actually be that you get to talk trash to me if you win.

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5 Undervalued Players for Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 7

I’m sorry if you had to wander through last week’s Fantasy Football challenge without my guiding voice…  But no fear.  I’m back this week.  Here are 5 undervalued players on FantasyScore for week 7:

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB – New York Jets ($5700):


Ryan Fitzpatrick is fairly affordable this week.  Part of the reason being that he’s going up against a pretty stout New England defense, but my guess is they get in a hole early on and Fitzpatrick is forced to throw the ball the rest of the game.  It could definitely lead to some decent numbers for Fitzy even if they end up losing.

C.J. Spiller, RB – New Orleans Saints ($3800):


Man, oh man.  When is C.J. Spiller going to see some more touches?  The Saints have been continually saying they want to get him the ball more.  I’d be willing to spend the $3800 on him in Weekly Fantasy to find out if this is the week.  This is possibly the biggest gamble on this list, but sometimes you have to roll the dice.

Christine Michael, RB – Dallas Cowboys ($3600):


Welp, this is the week we finally find out if the Cowboys are going to let Michael get a decent workload.  He’s only seen two carries so far this season, and there’s no guarantee he’ll be the main guy this week.  He’s another gamble, but his talent and potential opportunity to take the lead spot are very appetizing.

Stefon Diggs, WR – Minnesota Vikings ($3000):


Are you Diggs-ing Stefon Diggs yet?  Well, all corny jokes aside, you should be.  He’s turning into the number one receiving option in Minnesota alongside Mike Wallace.  He has also seen a huge number of targets (19) over the past two weeks.  Invest some cheap stock into Stefon Diggs to leave extra capital in the big name guys.

Landry Jones, QB – Pittsburgh Steelers ($4600):


All signs are pointing to Landry Jones getting the start for Pittsburgh this week.  The second-year QB came into last week’s game and performed quite well against a solid Arizona defense.  This week he goes up against a KC defense that gives up the 3rd most fantasy points to QBs so far this season.  I like Landry a lot if he ends up getting the start.

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Win $10 in Our Weekly Fantasy Football Challenge


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