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Always Keep a Charger Handy with the Nomad Wallet

Two things you always have on you no matter what:  Your cell phone and your wallet.  You can’t deny it, they’re always on or near your person.  Why not cure the issue of constantly having a dying phone battery by having a charger inside of your wallet?  That’s what the good folks over at Nomad decided to do.

It has a built-in 2400mAh battery that provides one complete charge for your iPhone 6 or 6s.  Plus, it’s no thicker than your average bi-fold wallet.  Boom.

$99 and it’s yours.  Buy it here.

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Machine Era Makes the Perfect Slim Wallet Using Gunmetal


It’s time to upgrade your wallet, or least help some upgrade theirs this holiday season.  Machine Era makes this gunmetal slim wallet that is perfect for keeping the bare essentials in your pockets, and not over-stuffing that 11-year-old wallet you have now.  It securely holds 2-6 cards + cash, and offers RFID protection in case one of your cards has those new fancy chips.

Buy it here for $33.

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Upgrade your Wallet with the Everyday Carry Out from Bellroy

Bellroy just recently added a new wallet to their Everyday line.  The Carry Out wallet is a portfolio wallet that also includes a removable sleeve that doubles as a fully functional wallet.  It can hold anywhere from 6-16 cards, it fits all major currencies, and is designed to fit a smart phone.  Available in 4 different colorways, you can purchase here.
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Where’s Wallet is the Smart Wallet You’ll Never Lose

Let’s be honest, every dude needs one of these.  My keys, and my wallet are the two things I misplace the most.  I’m sure most guys have similar issues losing these possessions.  In comes Where’s Wallet.  It’s a smart wallet that comes in three different designs, each of which contains a thin sensor that corresponds with the Where’s Wallet app.  You can set a range that once you step outside of, the app will alert you & guide you back.  With prices starting at only $39, you need this.  Order yours here.
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Sneakhype Select Series: Bellroy Passport Sleeve Wallet

So many guys out there make the mistake of not investing in a quality wallet, and end up replacing every few months if not less. Bellroy is a company who has been making high quality leather accessories for some time now, that are not only meant to last, but to help keep your wallet slim as well.
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