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USA Basketball unveils men’s team roster and new uniforms

USA Basketball has revealed this year’s team roster and updated uniforms.  The summer ’16 team features the likes of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and more.  A lot of young and upcoming talent will play for the USA in Rio this year, and should make quite a splash in the summer games.

Check out the roster along with the new Nike jerseys:

usa-basketball-roster usa-basketball-jersey-1

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The Power Rangers are returning to the big screen, here’s a first look


The Power Rangers will be returning to the big screen in the form of a new live action movie next spring.  Entertainment Weekly just recently unveiled this preview of what the new suits will look like.  I can’t say that I’m a huge fan, but it’ll be interesting to see how things look when we get a trailer.

Until then, relive one of the best movies ever:

Nike Unveils New Pioneers Uniform for Oregon Ducks


Nike just unveiled these new “Oregon Pioneers” uniforms for the Oregon Ducks football team.  The uniforms pay homage to explorers, Lewis & Clark.  They wanted to celebrate the state of Oregon and its great founders and innovators.  Here are 10 things to know about the new uniforms:

1. The Oregon Pioneers football uniform features a sublimated, tonal pattern of the Oregon Trail traversed by explorers. Highlighting northeastern and southern Oregon, as well as Eugene and Mt. Hood, the topographic collage covers the entire jersey.

2. Each uniform is unique and showcases a different area of the map, ensuring each player’s uniform features a different pattern, maximizing the fabric and producing less cutting-floor waste.

3. The uniform’s gray base is inspired by the achromatic look of a vintage map, accented with black numbering and the Ducks’ trademark tonal shoulder wings.

4. A silhouette of Lewis and Clark, along with The Duck, appears as a decal on the helmet. Wrapping both sides of the headwear, it features Lewis looking through a telescope and The Duck pointing west, a nod to the explorers.

5. The front bumper of the helmet presents the handshake found on the Thomas Jefferson Peace Medals that President Jefferson provided Lewis and Clark to give to individuals they encountered as a token of peace, friendship, prosperity and trust. “The handshake signifies both what Nike was built upon (with the agreement between Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight) and what Thomas Jefferson wanted to advance as the Corps of Discovery traveled west,” said Paul Sullivan, Nike NCAA football art director and lead University of Oregon designer.

6. The back of the helmet is adorned with a 33-star flag. The official United States flag that resulted from Oregon’s acceptance into the union in 1859, it existed for two years before Kansas added a 34th star.

7. The lines on the helmet represent the principal legs of the 2,200-mile-long Oregon Trail.

8. Using the same sublimated pattern of the Lewis and Clark Trail, the uniform’s socks showcase the Lewis and Clark-inspired Duck who, similar to the original trailblazers, is pointing west.

9. The words “Salute The State” are embroidered on the inner back neckline of the jersey, a tribute to the state, its inhabitants, its history and its future.

10. The Ducks will wear the new Oregon Pioneers uniform against Washington State on October 10. Special edition jerseys, hoodies, hats and t-shirts will start to be available for purchase at Nike.com and the Oregon Ducks retail shop on October 5.

oregon-ducks-pioneers-uniforms-1 oregon-ducks-pioneers-uniforms-2 oregon-ducks-pioneers-uniforms-3 oregon-ducks-pioneers-uniforms-4 oregon-ducks-pioneers-uniforms-6

Nike Unveils Green Bay Packers Alternate Uniform for 2015 Season


Green Bay and Nike have unveiled their new alternate uniforms for the 2015 NFL season.  The uniforms take inspiration from their team jerseys worn in 1937, a design that hasn’t been worn on field since 1994.  Look for these to periodically be worn throughout this upcoming season.

You can shop the alternates here.  Take a closer look at the new uniforms:

green-bay-nike Nike_footballPackers3_rectangle_1600 Nike_footballPackers4_rectangle_1600 Nike_footballPackers5_native_1600

Nike Reveals Ohio State & Oregon’s National Championship Uniforms


Nike has revealed the uniforms that will be worn by the two teams playing in the first ever college playoff championship.  Ohio State & Oregon hit the field on January 12th, and face off in these Mach Speed uniforms.

Oregon will be sporting an away version of their uniform that features a white jersey with tonal gray and silver accents.  Ohio State will be rockin’ their home version that is scarlet red, and reminiscent of their 1968 championship game uniforms.

I’m taking Oregon by 14.
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KU Unveils New Crimson Chrome Football Jerseys

In preparation for the upcoming football season, KU has unveiled their new football uniforms. The Crimson Chrome uniforms features mostly crimson, with highlights of blue & chrome. The embossed “KU” on the numbers is pretty killer. Let’s hope that these new uniforms brings some wins to the Jayhawks this year.
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