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Twitter is now tracking every Emoji you use

Social Media finds another way to Stalk you


According to a recent report, 74 percent of people in the U.S.  regularly use emojis. They have become a daily part of social media users’ lives and marketers are starting to take notice.   Twitter has just announced it will start using “emoji-based” targeting, which will be used to help advertisers to target consumers who tweet certain emojis.

So you might wanna think twice before you post a harmless poop emoji… you might get hit with an ad for a poo emoji pillow or perhaps some post-poo drops.

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@CinemaPalettes breaks down the color palettes of popular films

This Twitter account, @CinemaPalettes, actually takes popular (and I suppose unpopular) films and breaks down their color palettes.  It’s an interesting take on the tones used to give movies a certain vibe.

You can follow the account here.  Take a look at some of their work:

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Twitter Update Will Give Preference to “Best Tweets” in Your Timeline

Shortly after the news of Twitter’s 10,000 character update, they have decided to add a new “Best Tweets” feature that will give preference to accounts you’re more likely to care about.  Those tweets will be the first ones to appear at the top of your timeline, with the regularly reverse chronologically ordered tweets appearing after.

Unlike the 10K character update, this will be a feature you can turn on only if you want to.  If you want to keep things the way they are, it seems like for now there is no issues with that.

It seems like Twitter is trying out some new things to keep people interested and using the app.  However, there hasn’t been any indication of them adding a feature to “edit” tweets, which is what everyone seems to really want.

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