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First look at the upcoming “Hey Arnold!” animated movie


In case you didn’t know, Hey Arnold! is returning for a two-part animated movie here soon.  The movie picks up where the show left off and we’ll find some of the main characters on a journey to find Arnold’s parents in the jungle.  Nickelodeon just released some first looks at the redesigned characters.  Take a look below:

hey-arnold-1 hey-arnold-2 hey-arnold-3 hey-arnold-5 hey-arnold-6

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You need to be watching “Stranger Things” on Netflix

I honestly just started watching last night, but this show is amazing.  It’s been quite some time since there’s been a good original science fiction show, but Stranger Things just swept in to fill the void.  Two episodes in and I’m infatuated with the nostalgia, the creepiness, and everything in between.

If that’s not enough reason to check the show out, it has a 92% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 98% from audience viewers.  Do yourself a favor and start the show tonight!

Watch a couple trailers below to get familiar:

Watch this unreleased Saturday Night Live skit featuring Drake


This unreleased skit was originally supposed to air during Drake’s recent appearance on SNL but was cut for time.  The hilarious skit features Drake as Derek who was recently hired at a Kinko’s.  It’s honestly better than any of the other skits that aired during that episode.

In case you didn’t see any of the previous skits:

This service will text your friends spoilers for “Game of Thrones”

I’m not sure you would want to do this to your friends, but maybe your enemies?  Spoiled is a subscription-based service that will text people spoilers from popular TV shows.  They first offered the ability to ruin Game of Thrones for people of your choosing for 99 cents a number.  Now, they’re taking votes on which show to ruin next.

Check out their website here.

Go inside the Season 6 finale below (don’t watch if you haven’t seen it yet):

Inside the scene: Game of Thrones “Battle of Winterfell” from episode 9


Not really any crazy spoilers, but if you’re not caught up I would just suggest stopping right here.

Last night brought one of the most epic episodes of Game of Thrones yet, with one of the most pivotal scenes being Jon Snow versus Ramsay Bolton in the Battle for Winterfell.  It ended up being one of the best scenes the show has ever had.  I won’t spoil anything as to who the victor was, just in case you’re still reading and haven’t watched yet.

Go inside the episode below:

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