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Step on the Set of “True Detective: Season 2”

HBO’s “True Detective” just premiered its second season, and this new video gives you an inside look at the set of the show.  The video will take you inside what it’s like to create the gritty, dark scenes that will fill this second season.  Buckle in folks, because I think we’re in store for another wild ride.

Also:  Did Rachel McAdams ask for butt stuff in episode 1 of True Detective?  Join the conversation here.

HBO Released 2 New Trailers for “True Detective” Season 2

With the premier of True Detective Season 2 less than two weeks away, HBO is starting to ramp up the promotion for their hit series. They released these two new trailers over the weekend. Although the short clips don’t reveal much about the upcoming season, they’re are enough to get us excited for the shows return.

True Detective Season 2 returns to HBO on June 21, 2015. Check out the previous True Detective trailers here. Watch the two new trailers below:


Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Starring Season Two of “True Detective” (Video)

HBO’s breakout series True Detective came to an end on Sunday. The show’s stars, Matthew McConaughey andWoody Harrelson, have already said that they won’t be returning for Season 2. With those spots up for grabs, Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel have made their bid for the starring roles. Take a look. Continue reading Seth Rogen and Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Starring Season Two of “True Detective” (Video)