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You Can Buy Tony Soprano’s Escalade from “The Sopranos”


That’s right, the iconic ride from one of HBO’s most popular shows ever is up for auction starting November 12th.  The minimum bid for Tony’s daily driver is set at $5000.  They used two identical Escalades for the show, and this one was mainly used for shots of Tony and his associates entering and exiting the vehicle.  The car also features a Tony Soprano signature on the back of the driver’s side headrest.  Check out the listing here.

It was even used for this well-known scene from the show:

tony-soprano-escalade-1 tony-soprano-escalade-2 tony-soprano-escalade-3 tony-soprano-escalade-4 tony-soprano-escalade-5

The Crimes of Tony Soprano

The late James Gandolfini played tons of characters throughout his long career, but his most memorable role was that of Tony Soprano from HBO’s series The Sopranos. Although he was never convicted, Tony Soprano committed a number of felony worthy crimes during the shows 8-year run including murder, extortion, arson, and assault. To get a better idea of the crimes he committed you could go and watch all 8 seasons of The Sopranos, or you could just check out this infographic created by Instant Checkmate. It outlines all of Tony Soprano’s devious actions. Try to keep in mind that most of these people probably deserved what was coming to them. Continue reading The Crimes of Tony Soprano