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You Can Buy Tony Soprano’s Escalade from “The Sopranos”


That’s right, the iconic ride from one of HBO’s most popular shows ever is up for auction starting November 12th.  The minimum bid for Tony’s daily driver is set at $5000.  They used two identical Escalades for the show, and this one was mainly used for shots of Tony and his associates entering and exiting the vehicle.  The car also features a Tony Soprano signature on the back of the driver’s side headrest.  Check out the listing here.

It was even used for this well-known scene from the show:

tony-soprano-escalade-1 tony-soprano-escalade-2 tony-soprano-escalade-3 tony-soprano-escalade-4 tony-soprano-escalade-5

“The Sopranos” Opening Scene Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V (Video)

The good people over at 8-Bit Bastard have recreated the entire opening sequence from The Sopranos in Grand Theft Auto V. The recreation is spot-on. The only difference is that the streets of Jersey have been replaced by the fictional city of Los Santos. Check out the recreated opening scene above and watch the original opening scene below. Continue reading “The Sopranos” Opening Scene Recreated in Grand Theft Auto V (Video)