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5 Dope Hotels to visit before you die: Part V – Sweden’s TreeHotel

This continues my series of 5 Dope Ass Hotels That I’ll Probably Not Be Able to Visit Until I’m 50 Given That The Next 28 Years of My Life Go Perfectly As Planned And I Stack Hella Bread So That I Can Actually Afford to Stay A Couple Nights In One of These Dope Ass Dwellings. Check out the previous dope hotels: The GoldenEye, the Villa d’Este, the Chateau Marmont, and Poseidon’s Undersea Resort.

Now that I am transitioning into being a real adult, I find myself constantly thinking back to my childhood and how nice and easy it was to have no responsibilities. And also how awesome tree houses were. That’s why the last hotel, and therefore the dopest, is Sweden’s TreeHotel.



As you can see (or maybe not (haha good joke Alex you’re really killing it today)), these aren’t your everyday fancy hotels (like the other ones in this series). Located in the treetops of a forest in Sweden, the goal of this hotel is simple: to “melt away daily stress” by providing the most serene, private, and unique hotel experience.

This is basically the fanciest way to take in the beauty of Sweden’s natural forest, live in some truly unique and eco-conscious architecture, and spend a shit-ton of money… all in one!



The TreeHotel complex comprises seven different rooms: The Cabin, the Mirrorcube, the Bird’s Nest, the Blue Cone, the Tree Sauna, the UFO, and Dragonfly. Every one of those rooms was designed by a famous Swedish architect, and the kitchen area of the complex was designed by a famous Swedish Chef.

They are all elevated (in case of bear attack) and connected to each other by a series of bridges (and one Tarzan vine-swing for that little bit of exotic flair).



Prices per night for a room range from 4,000 to 4,700 Swedish Krona… Which is actually only about $470-550 good ol’ American greenbacks. Apparently, they haven’t realized just how dope their hotel actually is and they haven’t learned the sacred capitalist rule of “if you have something dope, charge out the ass for it.”




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