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Peyton Manning Talks to His Brother’s Super Bowl Sad Face

Peyton Manning was on Jimmy Fallon last night, and he finally got to confront his brother face to face about Eli’s sad Super Bowl reaction.  Okay, maybe not actually face to face, but face to cardboard face.  This right here is great TV.

Peyton also talked about NFL superlatives, played egg russian roulette, and Magic Johnson tried to convince him to join the LA Rams:

Who Will Win Super Bowl 50? (Poll)

Well, today is the day.  The Denver Broncos will face off against the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.  It seems that just about everyone (except for people who live in Denver) believes that the Panthers should completely dismantle the Broncos.  It honestly makes me want to go against the grain and throw down some scrilla on Denver.

For those unaware, the current Vegas betting lines are:

  • Carolina at -5.5
  • Over/Under at 44.5

All I know is this should actually be a great game.  I’m only worried about the top 2 defenses making it a brutal match-up for scoring.  Let us know who you got:

The other real question: Which QB is funnier?

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Super Bowl Beer Delivery Trucks Keep Getting Stuck on the Streets of San Francisco

For those that don’t know, San Francisco is the home of the Super Bowl this year.  With an influx in visitors for the big game, beer companies are out in full force to get places stocked up with their product.  Apparently, trucks of this size don’t normally cruise the streets of San Fran, and for good reason.  A number of drivers have already got their trucks stuck on random streets throughout the city.

At least it seems to be great advertising for the companies…

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NFL Teams Up With Seal for a Song About “Super Bowl Babies”

Using “Kiss From a Rose” as the base track, Seal and the Super Bowl Babies Choir sing a reworked version of the song.  It’s all about couples who decided Super Bowl Sunday was the day to make a baby.  If you’ve been looking for a reason to procreate, the Super Bowl is this coming Sunday.  So, listen to this to help you get in the mood.

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Taco Bell is Taking Pre-Orders for Upcoming Mystery Menu Item

Taco Bell is gearing up for a new menu item release that is supposed to be unveiled during the Super Bowl.  The new menu item is even available for pre-order.  You can try the new food 2 whole days before anyone else when you pre-order.  Most of the rumors are that it’s going to be the Quesalupa, but we’ll see.

You can pre-order the mystery item right here for $2.99.

In case you’re unfamiliar with a Quesalupa, it’s a Chalupa that features a cheese-stuffed shell.  Take a look:

quesalupa-1 quesalupa-2