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Revolutionary sunglasses also double as wireless headphones

A new pair of sunglasses will soon hit the market that are quite futuristic.  The Zungle Panther sunglasses will also act as wireless headphones using a built-in bone conduction speaker.  This means that you will still have the use of your ears, but will be able to listen to music and make phone calls.

The shades look like a modern take on the classic wayfarer sunglasses.  You’ll even be able to swap out the lenses with whatever Oakley Frogskin lenses you would like.

Retail price will start at $89.  Learn more here.

zungle-1 zungle-2 zungle-3 zungle-4

Oakley Latch Sunglasses – Never Drop Your Shades Again

We recently got our hands on the new Oakley Latch to see what all the rave was about.  The sunglasses have a unique, built-in feature that allows you the attach the shades to your shirt without fear of them falling off.

The Oakley Latch will put an end to all the scratched and broken sunnies in your life.

They’re available in a variety of colors for $130.  Buy them here.

Frameri Eyewear Introduces Collection with 8 New “Sun Lenses”


Frameri Eyewear, who is known for their unique interchangeable lens system, has just released a brand new collection of lenses.  Frameri’s “Sun” collection features 8 new lenses are that interchangeable throughout all their frames.

There are three mini collections in the “Sun” collection:

  • Flash – A bold yet elegant group of modern mirrors
  • Full – A classic and contemporary mix of sophisticated solids
  • Fade – A subtle and unique set of gradual gradients

You can shop the entire collection right here.  Take a closer look below:

frameri-sun-14 frameri-sun-13 frameri-sun-12 frameri-sun-11 frameri-sun-15 frameri-sun-9 frameri-sun-8 frameri-sun-7 frameri-sun-6 frameri-sun-4 frameri-sun-5 frameri-sun-1 frameri-sun-2 frameri-sun-3

Sunglass Hut’s Artist Series features new Mr. Brainwash Collection 🎨


Sunglass Hut just announced their latest ‘Artist Series’ collection featuring Mr. Brainwash.  The collection includes 250 unique designs, and uses 4 different Ray-Ban models.  Pricing is a little steep at $400, but at least the packaging is incredibly dope.  They come inside of a unique painted case, that is inside of a fake spray can.  The collection releases May 15th.


Frameri Eyewear Releases Spring/Summer ’15 Collection

Frameri Eyewear has introduced some new glasses for this year’s spring & summer seasons.  The company who specializes in eyewear that has a unique interchangeable lens system aims to save you money by making it easy for you to switch your lenses to whatever frames you feel like wearing.  Take a look at some of the new frames below.  Also, look for Frameri Eyewear on the show, Shark Tank, May 1st.  Visit their webstore here.
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Sneakhype Style: Prep for Summer with Nectar Sunglasses


Warm weather is here, and that means LOTS of sun.  It also means a lot of time outdoors, which makes it easier to lose & break things like sunglasses.  So, it’s always nice to find good, quality sunnies that won’t make you feel awful when you lose a pair.
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