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Steph Curry’s game-used mouthguard expected to sell for at least $5000


Yep, you can own a piece of NBA Finals history.  However, it’s in the form of a used mouthguard.  If you can get over that fact, SCP Auctions will be starting the bids on August 3rd for the piece.  Not exactly sure what the opening price will be, but it’s expected to sell for at least $5000.  Quite a price to pay for something that has had his saliva all over it.

Check the listing here.


Step inside Steph Curry’s $4 million home that recently hit the market

Steph Curry and his family just recently upgraded and moved into a larger home (because this one just wan’t quite good enough).  So, they decided to list this pad for sale with an asking price of $3.895 million.  The property includes a vineyard, regulation-size basketball goal in the driveway, and the five-bedroom home.

Take a closer look at the swanky pad below:

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All photos by Nate Denny/Open Homes Photography

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