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Artist shows what the Internet would look like in real life

Artist, Biancoshock, put together this photo series that imagines what popular Internet sites would look like in real life.  The series was done in a small Italian village called Civitacampomarano, where the Internet is scarce, mobile phones have a hard time working and a data connection basically doesn’t exist.

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Twitter Update Will Give Preference to “Best Tweets” in Your Timeline

Shortly after the news of Twitter’s 10,000 character update, they have decided to add a new “Best Tweets” feature that will give preference to accounts you’re more likely to care about.  Those tweets will be the first ones to appear at the top of your timeline, with the regularly reverse chronologically ordered tweets appearing after.

Unlike the 10K character update, this will be a feature you can turn on only if you want to.  If you want to keep things the way they are, it seems like for now there is no issues with that.

It seems like Twitter is trying out some new things to keep people interested and using the app.  However, there hasn’t been any indication of them adding a feature to “edit” tweets, which is what everyone seems to really want.

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Twitter Users Reacts to Upcoming Change to 10,000 Character Limit

It looks like Twitter will soon be changing its character limit from 140 to 10,000.  It’s quite an increase, and obviously created a huge firestorm throughout the social media site.  What everyone seems to really want is an edit option, but unfortunately that’s still not available.  Here is how some users on Twitter reacted to the latest news:


There’s Now an Option to “Super Like” Someone on Tinder


Tinder has unveiled a new feature for their app called “Super Like.”  Often times you swipe right without the person ever knowing because they chose to swipe left.  Now, when you “super like” someone, it will display a badge on your profile when you pop up in the other person’s feed, letting them know that you swiped right…  And that you’re incredibly desperate.

Tinder’s CEO, Sean Rad, describes it as “walking up to someone in a room and saying hello.”  Whereas the app in general is described by him as “meeting eyes with someone across the room.”

For now, Tinder is only testing the feature on small groups in Australia, but we should see the feature be fully implemented worldwide in the next few weeks.

Speaking of Tinder, here are some hilarious Tinder Problems for your viewing pleasure:


More Tinder Problems right here.


Instagram Adds Support for Portrait and Landscape Photos


Squaready, Whitagram and so many other apps that add a border to your portrait and landscape photos just became obsolete.  You can now post photos to Instagram that are either portrait or landscape mode and the app will automatically size the photo to fit with the press of a button.  Pretty dope stuff, right?  Head to the App Store to update to the newest software version of Insta.

The new feature also works with video:


instagram-update-1 instagram-update-2 instagram-update-3