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Don’t Be Silly, Wrap Your Willy… with a SNEAKHYPE Condom

In honor of National AIDS Day, we wanted to provide you the opportunity to purchase some SNEAKHYPE-branded condoms.  Always remember to practice safe sex, and to get tested regularly.  Our condoms feature one of our most well-known slogans, Condoms & Seatbelts, on the front.  On the inside you’ll find a lubricated latex condom wrapped in gold foil.

You can head over to the Sneakhype store and pick yourself up a pack of 3 condoms for just $5.  Do it right here.

IMG_1553 IMG_1555

The best life advice anyone can ever give you summed up in three words: CONDOMS AND SEATBELTS.

SNEAKHYPE reminds you to, when behind the wheel (or behind dat ass), always strap in and strap up to protect yourself and others.

Buy them here for yourself or for a friend as a reminder to be smart and stay safe.

This message brought to you by: The Fuckers at SNEAKHYPE

5 Sorority Girls That Want You to Follow Them on Instagram

What better way to start your week than with some lovely ladies?  I thought I could spice up your Instagram feed with some phenomenal looking sorority sisters.

1. Jilissa Zoltko (ZTA)

2. Alyssa Latimer (Alpha Chi Omega)

3. Nikki Gonzalez (ΑΞΔ)


4. K3ls0 (Alpha xi Delta)

5. Amber Davis (ZTA)

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Captain Morgan Cannon Blast Winter Drink Recipes

It’s always good to have drinks that can warm us up during the colder months.  Captain Morgan Cannon Blast can do just that whether you are enjoying it in a cocktail or as a shot.

Here are a couple simple Cannon Blast recipes you can try out over Thanksgiving break.

The Captain’s Ginger Blast


  • 1.5 Ounces Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

  • 1.5 Ounces Ginger Beer (preferably Crabbie’s Orange Ginger Beer)

  • 0.5 Ounces Sour Mix

  • Splash of Aromatic Bitters

  • Lime Wedge

If you do want to take a shot or two, one that we like to recommend is “The Crannonblast.”  It’s a simple recipe, but here’s what you’ll need to make one shot:

The Crannonblast


  • 1 Ounce Captain Morgan Cannon Blast

  • 0.5 Ounces Cranberry Juice

Always remember to drink responsibly!

Learn More About Cannon Blast Right Here

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Sneakhype Fall ’15 Collection Photo Shoot

We recently took to the wilderness to shoot some photos for our latest collection, and brought a couple of lovely ladies along with us.  Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the photoshoot for our Fall ’15 collection.  The collection will be releasing later today over at our online store (store.sneakhype.com).

Models – @TayFoltz and @OsborneLeah92