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Guy goes on a hilarious face-swapping trip to the museum

The face-swapping feature on Snapchat has taken the world by storm, and everyone is looking for new ways to use it.  This guy had a pretty brilliant idea to put it to use at a museum.  He face-swapped with all sort of sculptures, and the end result is fantastic.

Take a look:

[sigallery id=”d9MChxwcXvskVYLmsfuM96″ title=”Museum Face-Swapping” type=”sigallery”]


Student Uses Snapchat Story to Document a Teacher’s Attempt to Hit On Another Teacher

In this day and age, you have to know that someone is always watching.  A student decided to document a failed attempt by a teacher trying to hit on and pick up another teacher.  Unfortunately for him, her boyfriend is great.

Watch it go down:

[sigallery id=”727uTHqfW4qpC7XuwmYVqi” title=”Student Documents Teacher Fail” type=”sigallery”]

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