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Skateboarding on a piece of glass goes exactly how you would expect

Welp…  Definitely wouldn’t expect this to end any other way than how it did.  The guy at Braille Skateboarding skate on a glass board in their latest “You Make It, We Skate It” clip.  The video is kind of long, but if you skip to about 5 minutes in you can see the actual skating.

See how it went when they skated an Xbox One:

48-year-old Tony Hawk landed a 900 on the 17th anniversary of first landing the trick

Wow.  Just wow.  Tony Hawk is now 48 years old and still shredding like he’s 30.  It’s been 17 years since he first landed the 900, and to celebrate he decided to land it again.  He says this will probably be the last time he completes the trick, but who knows…

Best YouTube comment:

The real test of skill will be if he can land the 48 at 900

Greats Brand and Noah come together for a collection inspired by skateboarding

This latest collaboration between Greats Brand and Noah not only brought two brands together, but two brothers as well.  Ryan of Greats and Brendon of Noah were inspired by vintage skate videos when creating the look for these new colorways of the Royale Chukka.

The collection includes three new colorways of the shoe.  They’ll be available tomorrow at greats.com at 3PM EST.  Take a closer look:

_MG_4414 _MG_4441 _MG_4447 _MG_4483 _MG_4560_2 _MG_4618 _MG_4634 Black-Chukka-Noah-Hero-02 Navy-Chukka-Noah-Hero-01 Pink-Chukka-Noah-Hero-02