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Motivational Words of Wisdom from DJ Khaled

We could all use a little motivation sometimes. Fortunately for you, DJ Khaled is here to help with that. He teamed up with Music Choice to provide this incredible video.

Question is: Who had the better motivational speech? DJ Khaled or Shia LaBeouf?

You might also enjoy some DJ Khaled and Shia LaBeouf memes:

[sigallery id=”f8zMwJpcAmmFmRGJSMsbA4″ title=”DJ Khaled vs Shia LaBeouf Memes” type=”sigallery”]

#PhotoshopBattles: Shia LaBeouf Stretching


Shia LaBeouf likes to wear strange Nike outfits when he goes running.  Well, this pic hit the web and then Reddit did their thang with it.  Check out the latest Photoshop Battle below featuring Shia stretching:


Shia has already made some pretty big waves on the Internet this year thanks to this video:

Shia Labeouf Recently Gave an Intense Motivational Speech, and you Need to Watch it

That video above is just one of the videos that the internet has made to accompany Shia Labeouf’s recent motivational speech video (which you can watch below).  The original video was in collaboration with Central Saint Martins art school in London.  Watch a few more that the Internet made, as well as the original, below.

Edited to be a new Nike Commercial:

The most American Motivational Speech:

The original that first went viral:

The full video:

Hopefully this will give you some motivation that you need on Monday.