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5-Year-Old Gronk Smashes a Piñata and Steals All the Candy

Gronk has apparently been “Gronkin” since he was just a young pup.  CBS posted this Throwback Thursday video of him yesterday from when he was 5 years old.  In the video clip you’ll see Gronk go hammer on a piñata, and then manage to catch the bag of candy that falls out of it.  Somethings just don’t change.

Here are some more examples of Gronk being Gronk over the years:


Who Will Be This Year’s #1 Pick in Fantasy Football?

As we all prep for another exciting season of fantasy football there’s no doubt we’ve all been thinking about what we would do with that precious #1 pick in the draft.  So, we wanted to ask the question:  Who would you take if you had the #1 pick in your fantasy football draft?

It’s an interesting bunch of guys at the top of the draft rankings.  It won’t be an easy decision, but who you got?

10 Photos of Potential #1 Fantasy Football Draft Pick Candidates:


Rob Gronkowski Responds To #DeflateGate Report In Typical Gronk Fashion 🏈

Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Churchill Downs

Yesterday, investigator Ted Wells released a 240-page report on his findings in the #DeflateGate scandal involving the New England Patriots. In his report, Wells determined that it was “more probable than not” that Tom Brady was aware of the deflating of the balls. Whatever the f*ck that means.

Naturally, the story made headlines instantly. While most of the New England Patriots were probably hiding from reporters, Rob Gronkowski took the news in stride.

He first made a video in which he claimed “there is only one thing you can deflate, DEEEZ NUTZ!”


Gronk was also approached by a reporter who asked him about the report. He responded by flexing in her face.

The moral of this story is Rob Gronkowski does not give a single f*ck.


Via FTW and Bar Stool Sports