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The Air Jordan XI “Moon Landing” Release Was Luckily Just a Prank


These have got to be one of the top 5 ugliest Jordans ever.  Lucky for us, they’re not real, and were a part of a prank put on by Spanish retail site, sivasdescalzo.  Since December 28th happens to be Spain’s version of April Fool’s Day, the retailer pulled a marketing stunt that featured a “countdown to release” page for these ugly kicks.

The crazy thing is I’m sure these would sell out fast if they were real.  Take a closer look:

378041-007 jordan-11-moon-landing moon-landing-air-jordan-11

Send Glitter to People You Hate ($10)


You remember the service that lets you send animal feces to someone you hate (check it here)?  If you want to tone it down a little, but still piss someone off, this service is for you.  For $10 these guys will put a ton of glitter in an envelope and send it to someone you hate along with a note telling them how awful they are.  The site is hilarious, and the service seems amazing, so buy the it here.