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The Pizza Equation mathematically proves that you should always order a bigger pizza

The good folks at AsapSCIENCE decided to do some math on why it’s a better decision to order the bigger pizza.  C’mon guys, it’s basically science, so you should probably listen to the people.  Learn about The Pizza Equation below:

They also made a video on why pizza is the perfect food:

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Nike SB pays tribute to pepperoni pizza with upcoming Stefan Janoski release


Nike SB and Skate Mental have teamed up for a cheesy release featuring the Stefan Janoski signature model.  The shoe features a pepperoni pizza print on the top along with a crushed red pepper insole.  Currently, there’s no official release date, but they’re expected to release in the next few weeks.

nike-sb-janoski-pepperoni-pizza-2 nike-sb-janoski-pepperoni-pizza-3 nike-sb-janoski-pepperoni-pizza

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Italy sets the record for world’s longest pizza

That’s one long ass pizza.  6082 feet to be exact, or 1.15 miles.  Over a mile of pizza!  It took 250 pizza chefs, 2.2 tons of flour, 2.2 tons of mozzarella cheese, 3527 pounds of tomato sauce, 200 liters of olive oil, and 66 pounds of fresh basil.  Incredible.  This is one world record I wish I would have been at, so I could have stuffed my face afterward.

I wonder how much these guys would have been able to eat:

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Check out the pizza that’s served in a box made out of pizza

Sometimes, just a pizza isn’t enough.  Sometimes, you need a box to compliment it that is also made out of pizza.  That’s what Vinnie’s Pizzeria in NYC is now serving.  You can buy one yourself for $40.

Hope you had a solid breakfast because you’re about to get hungry:

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