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Oreo is releasing two new limited editions flavors


More limited editions flavors are on the way for Oreo.  This time around they’ll be releasing a classic dessert flavor, as well as a flavor based off a popular cereal.

Both flavors should be hitting retailers at the beginning of June.  Some people are already getting their hands on the “Fruity Crisp” flavor.

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Get familiar with the “Oreo Overload” bagel


This might be going to far, or for some, it might not be far enough.  The “Oreo Overload” is a recent creation by The Bagel Nook in New Jersey.  It consists of a vanilla-chocolate swirl bagel, cookies-and-cream cream cheese, and whole oreo cookies.   Incredible.  This definitely seems like more of a dessert than breakfast, but I’m not complaining.

Take a look at a couple variations of the bagel:

oreo-overload-1 oreo-overload-3 oreo-overload-4

You should also check out these bright bagels:

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Gamechanger: Oreo & Birthday Creme-Filled Chewy Chips Ahoy!

Oh, snap! This could be one of the greatest snacks of all-time. Nabisco brand has taken two of it’s best snacks and combined them into one. Introducing the Oreo & Birthday creme-filled Chewy Chips Ahoy! That’s right they took Oreo creme & Birthday Creme, and shoved them inside of the classic Chewy Chips Ahoy! Amazing.
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