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5 Dope Breweries that deserve your money: Part II – Summit Brewing Company ūüćļ

I live my life by one very simple rule: Beer is always a good choice. If you don’t like beer, then I don’t like you. As a great man (Benjamin Franklin) once said, “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” I’ve heard that it’s that exact quote that got him on the $100 bill. Smart man.

And that’s why this week I’m gonna be looking at some of the awesome breweries around the country. Yesterday’s brewery: Victory.

The next brewery of the week is my hometown favorite: St. Paul’s iconic¬†Summit Brewing Company.



In 1986, substance abuse counsellor Mark Stutrud decided that the best way to treat alcoholism would be to make more beer, so he founded Summit Brewing Company in St. Paul, Minnesota. Since then, Summit has expanded and become one of Minnesota’s favorite breweries. The classic Extra Pale Ale can be found in basically every bar in Minnesota (source for that fact: personal experience).

They’ve got seven year-round beers, five seasonals, and two “experimental” series: Unchained and Union. Unchained allows their brewers to put whatever they want into their magical brewing cauldrons to create truly unique beers; the Union series combines “new ingredients with time-honored brewing traditions” to serve… more amazing beer.



These are two of their best beers:

Summer Ale:


This is the beer that got me started drinking Summit. Obviously available only during the summer months, this beer goes down easier than light beer and tastes way better. This is the kind of beer that if you got caught sneaking it in to a Twins game, the officer would buy one of his own, cheers you, drink the whole thing, and let you on in to the game.

Glass: Medium-sized kiddy pool (because you can drink that much of it, but medium-sized so you can still claim that you’re into that “moderation” bullshit).

Food pairings: Flatbreads, pork, or the sweet taste of lounging around on a perfectly sunny summer day.




Coming in at an impressive 7.1% ABV, the Oktoberfest won’t get you as drunk as Victory’s Golden Monkey, but it’s still alcoholic enough to help me forget that I have to wait an entire year for Summer Ale again. I have no idea what being brewed in the traditional German¬†Marzen style¬†means, but whatever it is, this beer turns out damn tasty.

Glass:¬†A stein, a bigger stein, or a giant pumpkin (the pumpkin brings out the “fall” flavor of the beer).

Food pairings: Bratwurst, lederhosen, or German people. (Side note: I’m not advocating cannibalism because thats gross and highly illegal. I’m just saying it probably would pair well with this beer.)


Need to know which glass goes with which beer? ¬†We’ve got an article for that.

Yesterday’s dope brewery: Victory Brewing Company.

Tomorrow’s dope brewery: Brewery Ommegang. The following is just a preview, not the whole post: