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Check Out Coca-Cola’s New Office Space in Paris

Coca-Cola just recently moved their Paris office to this 72K square feet space in the Issy-Ies-Molineaux district in Seine.  The space features depolluting plants, beehives on the roof, and a light fixture made from 13,000 recycled coke bottles.  Red and white color patterns flow throughout the entire building, paying tribute to the brand’s iconic branding.

Take a closer look:

new-coca-cola-paris-office-3 new-coca-cola-paris-office-2 new-coca-cola-paris-office-6 new-coca-cola-paris-office-5 new-coca-cola-paris-office-4 new-coca-cola-paris-office-7 new-coca-cola-paris-office-8

Photography by Florian Fromentin

Take a Look Inside TripAdvisor’s New Massachusetts Headquarters


Here’s a look at the new headquarters for TripAdvisor in Needham, Massachusetts.  BDG, Normandy Real Estate Partners and Elkus/Manfredi Architects all collaborated with each other to make 282,000 square foot space come to life.  Their goal was to create a warm, welcoming work environment that appeared as a modern industrial loft.  Check out a detailed look below:

trip-adivsor_011015_02 trip-adivsor_011015_03 trip-adivsor_011015_05 trip-adivsor_011015_06 trip-adivsor_011015_07 trip-adivsor_011015_08 trip-adivsor_011015_09 trip-adivsor_011015_10 trip-adivsor_011015_11 trip-adivsor_011015_12 trip-adivsor_011015_13 trip-adivsor_011015_14 trip-adivsor_011015_16 trip-adivsor_011015_17 trip-adivsor_011015_18

All photography by Robert Benson.


Take your Indoor Workspace Outside with these Prefabricated Studio Rooms


Being cooped up in an office all day can make you go quite stir crazy.  These prefabricated studios from Inoutside can at least make you feel like you’re outdoors while working.  The studios make for perfect home workspaces that don’t take up any room inside of your house.  They offer a few different models, which you can browse on their site here.

inoutside-studios-1 inoutside-studios-2 inoutside-studios-3 inoutside-studios-4 inoutside-studios-5 inoutside-studios-6 inoutside-studios-7 inoutside-studios-8 inoutside-studios-9

Here are a few more looks at their spaces:


Check Out Facebook HQ’s 9-Acre Green Roof

Facebook just recently shared this photo of the roof on their new headquarters.  The 9-acre green roof looks quite amazing, and I imagine it’s the perfect place to take a break during the work day.  There are not any details on what all is up there, but with 9 acres, one would think they have some pretty great stuff going on.  Check it out:
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Step Inside Candy Crush’s Cartoon-Filled Offices

Here’s a look inside the offices of quite possibly the most popular online game there is.  Candy Crush is the most popular game on Facebook, and does numbers through the Android and iOS app stores.  Well, here’s where all the magic happens.  Their offices are located in Stockholm, and are quite colorful.  Take a look at the office space below:
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