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40oz NY “KIDS by Larry Clark” Snapback

40oz VAN is dropping his “KIDS by Larry Clark” Snapback today. This cap is just the latest in his long line of dope creations. As always, this snapback will only be available for a limited time: today, March 11th, from 12pm EST to 12am EST. The hat was inspired by Larry Clark’s popular film, Kids. I’m not familiar with the movie but this hat has inspired me to check it out. Continue reading 40oz NY “KIDS by Larry Clark” Snapback

Sneaker Con – March 1st in NYC


Yo, if you’re in the NYC area, you’re gonna need to check this out. March 1st, 2009 will mark the premiere of Sneaker Con in New York City.

Sneaker Con is a Buy/Sell/Trade sneaker and apparel convention, event participants will have access to thirty vendors who will carry some of the hottest sneakers and gear on the market now.

Event Date:
Sunday, March 1st, 2009 12-7PM

Event Location:
Time Square Arts Center
669 8th Avenue
Between W. 42nd and W. 43rd St.
Times Square, New York

Mishka Brookyln In-Store Tour

Mishka – Office & Store tour – Brooklyn, June 2008 from DigitalGravel.com on Vimeo.
We have posted lots of Mishka, so were giving your a behind the scene look of Mishkas offices and store. Owned by Greg Rivera,Mishka was once a small company trying to find its footing in the competitive new york fashion world. Over 5 years later they have built the foundation for sneaker-oriented fashion, using childhood inspiration for logos and bold colorways Mishka looks like its here to stay. Here you get a look at where exactly their inspiration and ideas have come from. The video is a little long but you really get a glimpse of what it takes to make it big.

Goliath always wins

Goliath NY is an exlcsuive sneaker and clothing store located in New York City. Not only do they sell some of the freshest products out there, they have began producing their own T-shirts and fitted caps. The outcome was great, the shirts and hats are both dope, i really like the logo on the orange shirt seen above, its real origianl. They have even collaborated with Nike on some shirts . Goliath knows good fashion whether they are selling or designing the clothes. If your ever in NY the store is a must see. Their shirts are are available for purchase here.

Goliath HyperMonster X New Era Hat

Goliath is one of the freshest brands on the streets. This NY based company is pretty new to the game but they are comin on strong with this dope logo. This Goliath Hypermonster X New Era Hat is eye opening with its perfect combination of color and style.
For the summer they have come out with two new color ways first is the OLYMPIC Hype Monster the colors are a full Navy cap, Red monster with hints of gold. Second is the COLLEGIATE Hype Monster based off LSU and features Black crown, Purple brim and Yellow Hype Monster. Both tie back to the Summer Line just released at Goliath RF and are each limited to 30 pieces. Limited shit!