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Miley Cyrus goes Completely Nude on the cover of “Paper” Magazine

“Paper” Magazine is no stranger to nudity and weirdness (just look at the issue Kim Kardashian was in).  Well, it appears to be Miley Cyrus’ turn, as she goes fully nude in this latest issue.  It gets pretty weird.  Take a look at the cover below, and head on to page 2 for all the (VERY NSFW) nude photos of Miley.


There’s also that one time Miley posed topless for Maxim, take a look at that here.

See the Paper Magazine photo set of Miley Cyrus nude on page 2:

27-Year Old MILF Kicked Off GoFundMe For Sending Nudes In Exchange For Donations


Tracy Kiss, a 27-year old mother of 2, has been making a name for herself on Instagram by posting NSFW photos. She decided to use her good looks for a good cause and started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for charities she supports.

Tracy agreed to send nude selfies in exchange for donations. GoFundMe quickly shut down her campaign after she posted a few of her pics on the website. She tried to host her campaign on another crowd funding site, YouCaring, but was quickly kicked off that platform as well.

Unfortunately for us, that means we can’t pay her money to send us nudes. But you can follow her on Instagram and see her pics for free: @tracykissdotcom

tracy-kiss-gofundme-5 tracy-kiss-gofundme-4 tracy-kiss-gofundme-1

Via Elite Daily