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Someone designed a topographically accurate moon using data from NASA

Designer, Oscar Lhermitte recently collaborated with the design studio, Kudu, to create this moon that is topographically correct.  It also turns with the phases of the moon.  It’s actually a product you can currently purchase via Kickstarter.  Of course, that means you’ll have to wait a little bit, but it is pretty damn dope.


Moon_01 Moon_02 MOON_05 MOON_06 MOON_07 MOON_08 MOON2

NASA shares the best photos from Scott Kelly’s year in space

Astronaut, Scott Kelly, first went to outer space on March 27th of last year.  He actually set a record for longest amount of time spent in space by a U.S. astronaut.  Once he returns, he will have spent 520 days in space.

During his time in outer space, he performed various research studies with the help of Russian astronaut, Mikhail Kornieko.  Their work in space will help scientists better understand how the human body reacts to long-duration spaceflights.

Scott took countless photos while inside the 4 different space stations he spent time in.  NASA just released an entire photo album with his best shots.  Take a look at our favorite below:

best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-1 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-8 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-9 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-10 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-16 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-17 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-19 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-26 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-27 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-29 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-30 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-32 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-37 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-46 best-pics-from-year-in-space-nasa-scott-kelly-401

You can see the full album here.

NASA Envisions Life on Planets in the Future With Poster Series

Imagination is the window to the future according to NASA.  That’s exactly what they used to envision life on planets in the future for this photo series.  The poster series acts as promotion that encourage people to take trips to these far off planets, and their new inhabitable environments.

You can download the full-size posters to print off right here.  Take a look at them all:

nasa-posters-1 nasa-posters-2 nasa-posters-3 nasa-posters-4 nasa-posters-5 nasa-posters-6 nasa-posters-7 nasa-posters-8 nasa-posters-9 nasa-posters-10 nasa-posters-11 nasa-posters-12 nasa-posters-13 nasa-posters-14

NASA Astronaut Grows the First Flower in Outer Space

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 10.35.46 AM

Astronaut, Scott Kelly, has accomplished quite a phenomenal feat recently.  He successfully grew the first flower in outer space.  The flower is called Zinnias, and it’s actually edible.  This could potentially change the way astronauts eat in the future.  No more freeze-dried meals.  Here are some photos that Scott tweeted shortly after his successful attempt at growing a flower in space:

space-first-flower-bloom-nasa-scott-kelly-6 space-first-flower-bloom-nasa-scott-kelly-7 space-first-flower-bloom-nasa-scott-kelly-18 space-first-flower-bloom-nasa-scott-kelly-19