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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian cry together in music video for “Wolves”

This like a fashion ad/music video type of hybrid or something.  It’s kind of cool, kind of trippy.  However you feel about it, it’s definitely entertaining.  The video features Kanye West (obviously), Kim Kardashian, Vic Mensa, and Sia.

Anyways, you can watch the brand new music video below:

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Watch Kanye West’s controversial music video for “Famous”


If you haven’t heard about Kanye’s music video for “Famous,” let me tell you….  You’re in for quite a surprise.  The dramatic musician is not one who shies away from controversy or making statements.  His latest music video did both of those things.  It was first just an exclusive on Tidal, but now you can watch on YouTube.

The music video features wax sculptures of nude celebrities like Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, and more.  You can find the NSFW video on the next page.

Beyoncé officially releases music video for “Sorry”

Beyoncé just released the music video for her single Sorry….  Officially.  It was like a Tidal exclusive or whatever originally, and well if you’re like me at all you didn’t watch it then.  Well, now it’s on YouTube for us normal people who don’t sign up for things like Tidal or Apple Music just to watch a video.


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