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Hilarious Video Shows You How to Make Your Own Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew

Just last week, we informed you that Mountain Dew was taste-testing a new “Dewitos” flavored soda with Doritos (more info here). Well, if you can’t wait to try the crazy concoction this guy, Francis, shows you how to make your own. Dude is hilarious.
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Mountain Dew & Doritos working on “Dewitos” Flavored Soda

Well, well, well. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, two companies come together to blow our minds. Mountain Dew & Doritos have collaborated on marketing campaigns in the past, but never a product like this. The two companies recently held a taste-testing for the orange-colored soda (perhaps a nacho cheese citrus?). The man behind the picture said that it was a very strange experience, but not all that disgusting. No word on if or when this will become a real thing to purchase at retailers, but the idea is pretty exciting. What do you guys think?
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Lil Wayne Opens DEWeezy Skate Park In New Orleans (Video)

Lil Wayne was in New Orleans last week to celebrate the opening of his new “DEWeezy” skate park. He partnered with Mountain Dew to build the park in his home town. The indoor facility is located in the cities Lower Ninth Ward and was built using recycled materials and is powered by Solar energy. But the best part is that it is free for all to use. Continue reading Lil Wayne Opens DEWeezy Skate Park In New Orleans (Video)

Mountain Dew Green Label Art: Shop Series

The-only-skater-that-corporate-America-will-do-business-with-aside-from-Sean-White… Paul Rodriguez hooked up with Mountain Dew and 35 different skate shops across the country to all contribute to the Mountain Dew Green Label Art: (Skate) Shop Series contest. Over a million votes were cast and the winning shop, Street Science (based in St. Tracy, CA) won $10K, got 15 minutes of fame, and their can is going to be used all over the country. Honestly, I think all these cans are ill and they should just produce them all. Granted, my (limited) business sense tells me that the manufacturing costs of setting up 35 different can-prints probably isn’t the most profitable course of action. Regardless, props to Mountain Dew for getting involved with local shops and doing some things against the grain of the aforementioned standard corporate America practices. Continue reading Mountain Dew Green Label Art: Shop Series

Mountain Dew Prize Pack Contest Results

First things first… thanks to everyone for participating. We had some clever clever comments. Such made it quite difficult for us to determine a winner, so we had to take some other factors into consideration to crown the Dew champ. That said, we’re going to congratulate some close runner-ups and be in touch with yall to hook you up with some weak shit prizes like stickers and whatnot. Now, before I get into the nitty gritty, let me say that we’re going to give the proppa diddy props to KE for his comment regarding the Trap of the G and a shout out to Notorious. We’ll get in touch with you and shoot you off some Dewskis and other gear.

Now, let’s get to the highlights. Skeezer… what can I say about Mr. Skeez? “I would drip scented candle wax on her (lavender). Then I would wrap her in celophane. Then I would llllllllllllllllllick her all over through the plastic. Sorry my ‘L’ key got stuck. And then, without further adeu, I would put it in her tiny tiny butt. Then I would do the dew. Rinse, lather, and repeat.” And what a Skeez you are my friend. All right… confession: the skeez was me. Duh.

Fresh Swag… you got some fresh swagga lemme say. “I’d let her eye f*ck tha shii- out of me all night while I ignored her and dance with a fat chick. Later, I might even spill my drink her then let her take me home so I could motor boat those great cali boobs for the rest of the night. It’d be pandamodium! …wait wait maybe I should make her put em’ on the glass n I’d take pics so I could photoshop out her back cleavage!!!” Oh swagmeister, you slay me. I was really hoping someone would say somethin bout that back roll. And the pandamonium — a delightful touch no doubt.

Mara — thanks to our only female entrant. “I’d pull up her swim suit so her boobies don’t fall out and then I would turn that awful one piece into a bikini because she shouldn’t be rockin grandma style one piece bathing suits.” That’s very sweet of you Mara. And FYI to all Sneakhypers, Mara is a friend of the crew; she’s as hot as the one and only Pandabikini herself — without the implants or the missing ass. Yezzir.

And Max… short and sweet. Good stuff here: “I would let her see my bamboo shoot and then dew her.” Excellent use of the material provided.

All in all, we chose KE because he’s been an active member on the site for a long time, a Sneakhype OG if you will, and he called the favorite model minutes after the contest was announced. We’re going to do more giveaways in the future, so don’t give up hope my friends… more sneakhypetacular freeness to come. Finally, shout to AceHood… you’re cool.

View all the comments from the contest here. Thanks to Mountain Dew. Check out their new stuff.