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These Air Jordan 1 Pinnacles are the Highest Quality Jordans Out There


These immaculate tan-leather Air Jordan Retro 1s just might be the most luxurious pair of Air Jordans out there.  The newest colorway of the Pinnacle Edition Retro 1s feature a fully tan-leather upper with an all-white sole, which make for an incredibly clean looking shoe.  The Pinnacles come with a pricetag that fits the luxury feel and will be set at $400.  Take a closer look at the shoe:

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Wallets Made from Luxury Car Leather ($75+)

Drive a nice luxury vehicle?  Why not have a wallet made from the luxury car leather of certain vehicles.  Mariclaro handmakes these wallets from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz leathers that have been recycled.  Each wallet comes hand stamped with the donor vehicle’s make, model, and year.  Prices start at $75 USD, and you can buy them here.
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Show Some Character with the Mifland Weathered Patina Collection

Mifland just released their weathered patina collection that features 2 of the classic silhouettes that use a leather that already has a worn in look. They age the leather by using a series of washing & drying the leather, over dyeing the leather, and sun fading. Both bags are available now over on Mifland’s webstore.
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