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The Holy Grail X Estate

Premium hat producers, Estate LA, has teamed up with The Holy Grail to make an ultra exclusive hat that reps the city of Los Angeles to the fullest. 4 color schemes were chosen for the LA “bones” hat, and 12 of each color were produced.To say the least these hats are very hard to get a hold of. But Estate LA, which was founded in 2005, has teamed up with many other companies to produce other amazing caps that are easier to get your hands on. The cool thing about Estate is that their hats are all designed, sourced, and assembled in LA. They also take a lot of pride in not only their designs, but how well their hats are manufactured.

Abstraxxx – Killin King Tutankhamun

LA based Abstraxxx is hailin to the old school with their “I Am” tee. The original OG himself, King Tut, 8 year old boy-king… you don’t get much more “young n rich” than that. Interesting note: King Tut was hardly the most famous or well known king in his day, yet he is so famous today because his tomb was completely intact and not discovered until the middle of the 20th century. When it was found, dudes raided that shit… bad karma.