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Kid Cudi-Sky Must Fall Download


The buzz Kid Cudi is getting is crazy these days, rightfully so, but most recently you’ve might of seen a Transformer’s 2 trailer featuring Kid Cudi’s “The Sky Must Fall” on it. Well the video isn’t real, Kid Cudi put it together himself, he apparently thought the song would go well with the trailer and put it on the internet. I admit he’s right,the song goes with it perfectly, Kid Cudi needs to hit up Micheal Bay and make it official. Download the song here.

[big sean]

Kid Cudi Arrested For Not Wearing Reeboks



We’ve posted a lot of Kid Cudi lately for a lot of reasons. He’s a great rapper and has been seen rocking some of the most limited kicks to date. Here’s a new rumor about Kid Cudi, hewas recently arrested during the NBA All-Star events this weekend. Why you ask? Well it all started off at a event thrown by Reebok where Cudigot into an arguement with Reebok employee’s because he refused to wear their shoe’s on stage while he performed. This led toeven bigger things and ended in Cudi getting taseredandarrested. Ouch. Thats seriously representing the shoe game to the fullest, but to be honest who would be wearing Reeboks around people like Kobe and Lebron?We need to start calling this dude King Cudi.

Update- Just checked Cudi’s blog the incident was over a fight with some guy in the club not Reebok or the shoes. He was tasered not arrested and left the club right after.

it wasnt over me wearin jordans; i arrived at the event in the most fugliest reeboks ever, forcefully the pair i chose to humiliate myself in. – Kid Cudi