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Uber will deliver BBQ to you in Kansas City today

If you’re in KC tomorrow, we have a treat for you.  Uber will be out delivering BBQ from Char Bar between 11AM-2PM.  It’s pretty simple really:

1. Fire up your app on Wednesday from 11am-2pm


3. If connected, your BBQ will be curbside in minutes


Boom!  Just like that you got a dope meal delivered to wherever you’re at.  For $12, here is what’s included in your meal:

  • Pulled Pork
  • Smoked Chicken
  • BBQ Baked Beans
  • Cole Slaw
  • Texas Toast
  • Homemade Pickles

It’s no secret that Uber is trying to “Uberize” more than just the taxi industry. These little ‘one day only’ Uber food deliveries in select markets are a way to test the waters to see if such services should be expanded. As such, we Kansas City folk have a FUCKING DUTY to order this damn BBQ so that Uber hurries up and “Uberizes” the shit out of every industry in every market.

If you’re not familiar with BBQ in KC, check out this video we made:

[lawrence-related id=526625]

You can now order Joe’s KC BBQ online and have it delivered anywhere in the country

If you’re not from Kansas City or just haven’t ever experienced some of the best BBQ in the country, then you’re now in luck.  Joe’s KC will send you their high-quality BBQ ingredients to make some of their best dishes at home.  Whether you want their classic Z-Man sandwich or just some good ol’ ribs, they got you covered.

Shop their items here.  Drool-inducing photos below:

[sigallery id=”QHCFK3hVBKDgRhpqkbeKJn” title=”Joe’s KC BBQ” type=”sigallery”]

You should also watch that one time we deep fried their Z-Man:

Kansas City native has climbed just about every building in the city

Instagram user,@sportynice11, is constantly exploring the rooftops of big cities like Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and more.  He’s basically been on top of every tall structure in the Kansas City area from the looks of things.

His Instagram is filled with views from the top floor and beyond.  Take a look for yourself:

[sigallery id=”RF4RJZTJG2fq8xVEfSyvvU” title=”@Sportynice11 – Kansas City Urban Explorer” type=”sigallery”]

You can also watch him do some exploring in this video:


Follow him on Instagram right here.

Kansas City Royals’ Infante and Escobar Make Ridiculous Play to Get an Out at First Base

Last night against the Cleveland Indians, two of the Kansas City Royals made a ridiculous play to get an out at first base.  Omar Infante flipped the ball out of his glove while on the run to Escobar who spun around and threw the ball to first for the out.  Just amazing.

Watch it in infinite loop: