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These rings have tiny worlds inside of them


Secret Wood is a collection of unique rings that all contain tiny worlds inside of them.  If you’re looking for jewelry that makes a statement, these are for you.  They’re all handmade using fresh wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax.  No two rings are the same, so they’re even more unique than they look.


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Disney and Kay Jewelers Made a Diamond-Encrusted Gold Droid BB-8


“OH, I know what I want for a Christmas….  A frickin’ $135,000 diamond-encrusted gold Droid BB-8.”  – Said no one ever.

All jokes aside, Disney and Kay Jewelers teamed up to make this piece for a great reason.  They’ll be auctioning off this blinged out droid to raise money for St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital.  The droid is estimated to be worth around $135,000, but I could see it selling for a bit more than that.

The auction will be held in New York at the “Force 4 Fashion” exhibit later this month.


Sneakhype Style: Invest in Timeless Pieces from Lust Limited

Lust Limited is a brand that aims to bring you simple and understated designs that can be worn universally.  You should be able to rock them during a night out, and just as easily at the gym during a workout session.  “The accessory game for fashionable males is slacking heavy,” says the president of Lust Limited, Phillip Rivers.  “We design for them.”
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