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Guy photographs town in Japan that hasn’t been touched since 2011


Photographer Keow Wee Loong recently snuck into the town of Fukushima that was affected by a nuclear disaster back in 2011.  Not very many people have had access or been inside this “exclusion zone” since the accident.  Armed with a gas mask and his camera, Keow Wee decided to give us a look inside of the abandoned town.  It is incredibly eerie.

Check it out:

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McDonald’s Japan Now Offers French Fries Covered in Chocolate


WHY?!?  International McDonald’s always get the best new menu items.  USA needs to get their ish together, jah feel?  These new fries feature a dark and white chocolate drizzle on the top of them, and I’m sure they taste amazing.  They’ll only be available until mid-February, so get ’em while they’re hot.

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Burger King Japan to start offering “All Red” Chicken Sandwich and Burger 🍔


Burger King Japan will start offering a couple new sandwiches that sport an interestingly bright colorway.  Two new sandwiches will hit their menu that sport the recently popular “all red everything” colorway mostly made famous by Kanye West.  The sandwiches are called Aka Samurai Burgers and will hit the fast food restaurants on July 3rd for around $4.40 USD a piece.


Take a look at the black burgers they rolled out last year:

burger-king-black-burgers-13 burger-king-black-burgers-23

2 Japanese Girls. 1 Cockroach. 🐞

This interesting game on a Japanese game show requires two contestants to try and blow a cockroach into the other’s mouth through a tube.  Just watch how quickly she inhales that sucker:

You might also like this Japanese fad of women eating uncut sushi rolls. Yeah, its weird, but you know you want to see it: