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Wacom Bamboo Stylus Mini For Tablets and Smartphones ($15)

Wacom just released a new mini stylus for tablets and smartphones. The Bamboo Mini Stylus, as its called, attaches to your device via the headphone jack. It measures just 1.85 inches in length and is available is a variety of colors. I don’t have much use for a stylus but it would greatly improve my Snapchat game.

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Volta Sound Block ($190)

The Volta Sound Block combines modern technology with classic design. The Sound Block is constructed from a solid block of Oregon Northwest Alder, fitted with a Bison horn and it is finished off with some wool from Pendleton. The wool protects your iPhone/iPod while the block of wood creates a warm sound and the horn amplifies the music. The best part about the Volta Sound Block may be that it doesn’t wires or cords, just good design. Continue reading Volta Sound Block ($190)

Bold Poker App for iOS

This may seem a little ridiculous, but come to think of it, most of my friends do have iPhones (or iPods), and everyone in my immediately family does… so it may be worth having just for ol’ family gatherings around the holidays.

It seems novel, but I think there is also something to be said for feeling those cards shuffle in your hands. Also, I don’t know how many decks of cards I’ve ruined due to beer spills… and it’s a lot easier to replace a deck of cards than it is an iPhone 5… unless you have Liquipel of course. Continue reading Bold Poker App for iOS

YouTube Launches Capture App For iPhone

Uploading videos to YouTube just became a whole lot easier. YouTube released the “Capture” App today which allows users to capture, edit, and upload videos to YouTube directly from their phone. As of right now this App is only available for the iPhone and iPod with an Android version set to launch in the near future. Continue reading YouTube Launches Capture App For iPhone

Incase – Perforated Snap Collection

Incase just droppity dropped a new perf collection for a wide array of Mac products including: iPhone 4, iPad, and iPod touch. The new perforation features fatty holes that increase not only the diameter of the dots, but also the diameter of the dopeness. <– They call that alliteration my friends. I went to college once. Continue reading Incase – Perforated Snap Collection