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Kim Kardashian’s new merch includes butt wrapping paper and a crying face iPhone case

Kim Kardashian releases new line of merch

I actually really dig some of this stuff.  Accessories based off pop culture are always pretty cool to me.  Plus, I dig how Kim can make fun of herself and include accessories that are made of a graphic that includes her “crying face” emoji.

Everything is available now starting at prices of $28.  Shop here.

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mophie’s latest iPhone case features wireless charging

The latest charging accessory from mophie takes their cases to the next level.  It’s called the Juice Pack Wireless and it allows you to charge your phone and case wirelessly using a charging base.  It comes with the base when you buy it, but it’s also compatible with numerous other bases.

It’s on backorder, but you can buy it here for $130.

juice-pack-wireless-1 juice-pack-wireless-2 juice-pack-wireless-3 juice-pack-wireless-4

Native Union CLIC Marble iPhone Case

Native Union continues to push the limit with their creative line of accessories. Each cut of marble has a unique and intricate vein so the finish will vary from case to case. The cases are also shatterproof and cool to the touch, they’re currently only available for the iPhone 6.

You can pre-order one here and shipping will begin the 25th of May.

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Moment Case is the World’s Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography

More and more people are utilizing the cameras on their cell phones, and more importantly, using them as their main camera.  This new Moment Case is said to be the world’s best iPhone case for mobile photography.  It’s a case that turns your iPhone 6 into an even better camera, and includes a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment.  Prices start at $49.  Order now over on Kickstarter.
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Go Hands-Free with Goo.ey’s New iPhone Case

Studies have shown that separation anxiety from your iPhone is a real thing; a real thing that is so dumb I can’t even understand it.  If you fear that you might get anxiety from being away from your precious iPhone while brushing your teeth, doing your makeup or whatever else you do in front of a mirror, you need this case.  These Goo.ey iPhone cases feature a sticky surface on the back that allow you to stick them to mirrors, glass, and acrylics.  Buy yours here for $25.
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Casetify Releases 2014 World Cup Case Collection Ft. Brazil, Spain, Portugal, And More


In celebration of the 2014 World Cup, Casetify (formally Castegram) has joined forces with artist Danny Ivan to create a limited edition collection of World Cup inspired smartphone cases. For those of you who don’t know, Danny Ivan is digital artist from Portugal who is known for his use of geometric shapes and bright color palettes.The collection currently consists of cases designed for Brazil, Protugal, Spain, Russia, England, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, and USA. The cases are available for both the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

Starting on Monday, June 16th Casetify will be releasing a new country every day. So if you don’t see your team make sure you check the Casetifyin a few days.

You can purchase your World Cup case right here.

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