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Apple Officially Unveiled the iPhone Xs and Xs Max

After months of rumors, leaks and speculation, Apple has finally unveiled the new iPhone XS and the XS Max. From the outside, the new phones look very similar to the iPhone X, but on the inside, they feature a ton of upgrades.

The biggest upgrade is the new chip, the A12 Bionic, which will help launch apps 30% faster, among other things. Another feature that drew applause from the audience is the new camera features. With the iPhone XS and XS Max, you can snap a picture and adjust the f-stop after the shot. That means you can change the depth of field to bring some of the background into focus after a picture has been taken.  For those of us that have a tendency to drop our phones in liquids, Apple made both the XS (5.8″) and XS Max (6.5″) water resistant up to two meters for up to 30 minutes.

You can order on September 14, and the phones will start shipping on September 21.

Charge your phone in a pinch with one-time use Powrtabs

In a recent survey that I didn’t actually conduct, I found that 1-in-3 owners of smartphones now have portable chargers.  I have about 6.  I never use any of them.  Why?  Because you have to charge them (with their own charging cable that’s different from your phone’s), and then you need another charging cable to actually charge your phone.

If only there were something easier, more portable and convenient…

Enter POWRTABS: the first disposable, one-time use charger “tabs” for your phone.  You unwrap it from its little condom wrapper and BAM, the pre-charged tab zaps your phone up with some juice to give you up to an additional 4 hours of battery life.

buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-7 buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-2 buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-5 buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-4 buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-3 buy-disposable-iphone-charger-powrtabs-1

Available for iPhone and Android.  They’re 5 bucks each.

Purchase yours here.

iPhone Photography Award Winners 2016

Here are this year’s winners of the iPhone Photography Awards.  There was one grand prize winner and three runner-ups for the photographer of the year awards.  See the photos below:

Carolyn Mara Borlenghi – 3rd Place, Photographer of the Year:


Robin Robertis – 2nd Place, Photographer of the Year:


Patryk Kuleta – 1st Place, Photographer of the Year:


Siyuan Niu – Grand Prize Winner, Photographer of the Year:

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Here’s what the iPhone 7 might look like

Designer Martin Hajek decided to take on recent speculation and make renders of what he thinks the iPhone 7 will look like.  The renderings include three colors of the upcoming model including space black, space gray, and a navy blue.  I’m really hopefully of that dark navy version because it needs to be mine immediately.

Take a closer look at the renders:

iphone-7-render-1 iphone-7-space-black-grey-concept-002 iphone-7-space-black-grey-concept-003 iphone-7-space-black-grey-concept-001