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Apple unveils new smaller iPhone SE because the world can’t make up its mind

Seriously guys, what do we want?  First, it was the smallest cell phone we could get our hands on, then we wanted cell phones with screens the size of a 27-inch TV.  The iPhone 6/6s seemed perfect, but nah.  In comes the iPhone SE for everyone complaining the current phones are too big.

I’ll spare you all the boring details about the specs of the phone.  It’s essentially an iPhone 6s inside of an iPhone 5/5s body.  Boom, there you have it.

You can buy it starting March 24th.

[sigallery id=”HiKm5b2XGHTUVnmiHPc3TC” title=”iPhone SE Gallery” type=”sigallery”]


Nike’s New “SNKRS” App is One-Stop Shop for Coveted Footwear

Not to be outdone, Nike has just dropped an app to rival adidas’ new “Confirmed” app.  Nike’s SNKRS application will allow you to stay in the know, get the story behind the kicks, and easily purchase the upcoming limited shoes.  The only way to get it at the moment is to head to the Zoom City SNKRS Station on 348 Bowery in NYC starting today up until the 15th of February.  Look for the official iOS release later this spring, with an Android version dropping shortly after that.
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