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This is the Funniest Justin Bieber Interview Ever

Okay, so it’s a close competition with the “Between Two Ferns” interview with Zac Galifianakis, but I think it takes the cake.  This recent interview with Justin Bieber features him getting interviewed by a puppet, and it is perfect.  How they got him to agree to do this interview I have no idea.

Watch the “Between Two Ferns” interview:

Me after watching both those videos:

Exclusive: Read our interview with NBA legend, Rip Hamilton

Richard "Rip" HamiltonIt had been a foregone conclusion that Richard Hamilton’s lengthy basketball career was likely finished since his last game in the 2013 playoffs.

That game, a 94-91 series-clinching victory for the Miami Heat, stands as a testament to Rip’s legacy in the league. The Derrick Rose-less Bulls lacked the firepower and personnel to stop Miami on its way to a second NBA title in as many years, but Hamilton’s contributions kept the game close. His mid-range game sparkled, his dogged movement without the ball opened the floor and the mask – well, the mask was on point.

Since he announced his retirment in late February, Rip has begun transitioning from life in the NBA. His current endeavors include, but are not limited to: Pursuing a career in sports broadcasting, spending time with his family, and golfing better than 99% of the population (the Sneakhype staffers included.) Recently, Rip made some time to talk with us from Las Vegas courtesy of Gillette Clear Gel.


On the significance of winning the first NCAA title for UConn in 1999:

We didn’t just win it for ourselves, we won it for the people before us and the players before us.  The Ray Allens, the Donyell Marshalls, the Chris Smiths and the Cliff Robinsons.”

Classic team-first attitude right there.


On beginning his career as a teammate of Michael Jordan:

“It’s like a kid going to college for whatever craft they want to do and they get to experience that craft with the greatest engineer … and you get to be hands on with them each and every day. And that’s what I had in Michael Jordan. I get to study him, I get to watch him each and every day, I get to ask him questions. That experience is hard to get (laughs).”


On going to the Pistons and being in Detroit:

“My agent told me I was getting traded for Jerry Stackhouse, who was the leading scorer in the NBA at the time. I was like ‘Oh my goodness. These people must really want me.’ Cause I was young, I felt like I had to make a splash early. I felt like I couldn’t wait … I couldn’t wait to prepare myself to be great.”

“Detroit is a hard-nosed city … you gotta work for everything that you get. So it symbolized my background. So it was like ‘all right, you know what? Rip if you go out there and play hard and do what you gotta do and prepare yourself, then the people are gonna love you.’”


On his golf game:

“Yeah, I’m nice. I’m nice.”

“You go out there and just think you’re going to dominate just because you’re an athlete. And that little white ball tells you ‘no’ every time you hit it. The one time you hit it good, you think, Oh, I got it. I mastered it. And the next day you come out it’s like Nuh-uh. No, you ain’t mastering it.

Turns out Rip may be closer to mastering golf than most of us. He’s already recorded an eagle.

“Yeah, I got the eagle.” “It was about a twelve-foot putt. I made my living off of twelve-feet in. Like a free throw (laughs).”

Expect more golf gems from Rip and be sure to search for his Sneakhype-approved golf handle #RipChipman.

Kanye West Sits Down With Zane Lowe Again For A New Interview

Kanye West sat down with BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe again for a brand new interview. You may remember that these two had one of the most memorable interviews of 2013 in which Kanye West lashed out at the Fashion Industry. This one doesn’t disappoint either. Kanye discusses his new adidas Shoe, the Grammy’s and much more. Check it out above.  Continue reading Kanye West Sits Down With Zane Lowe Again For A New Interview