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Dogs and Cats on Instagram are perfect coffee table books ($12+)

If you follow either @dogsofinstagram or @catsofinstagram, then you probably need these books.  Each book is filled with photos of pets you might find on Instagram.  Over 400 photos are featured in each book, which will bring endless joy to whoever picks up your coffee table books.

Buy Cats on Instagram here ($14).  Buy Dogs on Instagram here ($13).

cats-on-instagram-2 cats-on-instagram-3 dogs-of-instagram-1 dogs-on-instagram-1

Instagram launched a completely new look today


Instagram introduced a brand new look today.  The app itself has been updated to the black and white theme for a couple weeks now, and today they introduced a brand new application icon.  One of the biggest updates is most likely their new algorithm, which will put the photos they believe you’ll be most interested in at the top of your feed.

Learn more about the redesign below:



Speaking of Instagram, take a look at our recently featured photographer:

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Featured Photographer – Ian Deloney (15 Pics)

It has been awhile since we’ve featured an artist that we think is dope.  Today’s artist is photographer Ian Deloney, who recently slid into our submission inbox.  Ian currently resides in the Duluth, Minnesota area, and takes some very dope pics.

Have a look for yourself:

[sigallery id=”HrN2fUdwdwVEAEM3t6azvU” title=”Featured Photographer – Ian Deloney” type=”sigallery”]


Are you an artist that wants to be featured?  Or do you know of an artist you think is dope?  Hit us up at submit@sneakhype.com and let us know!