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Priest Suspended for Riding a Hoverboard During Christmas Eve Mass

Apparently, Jesus does not appreciate people riding on hoverboards the day before his birthday.  This priest in the Philippines was suspended for busting out the “it” item of the moment.  If anything I’d move him up on the Catholic ladder for his skills on that thang.

Watch Mike Tyson eat it while riding a hoverboard:

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Hoverboards Are Now Illegal to Bring on Airplanes


That’s right, Southwest Airlines has now banned the ridiculous hoverboards that you’ve seen everywhere lately.  Not too long ago, news came out that NYC was banning the self-balancing hoverboards, and now the war on hoverboards continues.  But honestly… that’s definitely okay with us.

Because as cool as you think they are, you don’t look like this:


You probably look like this:


And this is what people think of you:


However, they do come in handy at certain times:

hoverboard-4 hoverboard-5 hoverboard-6

Aaaand just completely disregard this article if you look like this:


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One-Wheeled Hoverboard is the Closest You’ll Get to the Actual Thing


Ok, so this might not be a hoverboard in most people’s minds.  It certainly isn’t one in my mind, but it does look pretty sweet.  This gyro-stabilized personal electric vehicle features one wheel in the center, and the way it rides makes you feel like you’re hovering.  It’s pretty genius really..  If you can’t actually make it hover, at least make it feel like you are.

The project is on Kickstarter right now with a goal of $500,000.  The actual hoverboards are a bit expensive with a starting price point of $3775.  More info here.