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The Pleated House is a modern home surrounded by a heavily wooded forest

And it happens to be incredibly dope.  The house was built by Johnsen Schmaling architects for a graphic designer and her husband.  It’s located in Deer Country, Wisconsin, just off the shore of Lake Michigan.  The house is surrounded by a dense forest, which helps make it seem like you’re perfectly secluded.

Take a closer look:

Pleated_001 Pleated_002 Pleated_004 Pleated_005 Pleated_009 Pleated_010 Pleated_011 Pleated_012 Pleated_013 Pleated_014 Pleated_015

This Company Will Build You a Pre-Fab Hobbit Home in Just 3 Days


That’s right, you can live it up big just like Bilbo Baggins in one of these Hobbit homes.  Green Magic Homes will come and build a Hobbit home for you in just 3 days.  Depending on where you live they can even cover it in sand or snow instead of grass.  The homes are eco-friendly, and you can even grow your own garden on the house.

You can learn all about the homes right here.

hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-21 hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-22 hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-23 hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-24 hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-25 hobbit-holes-eco-friendly-houses-green-magic-homes-26


The Bad*ss Garage in This House Was Inspired by The Dark Knight


This home is actually called the Wayne Residence, and it draws major inspiration from the movie, The Dark Knight.  The main inspiration is seen in the underground garage that looks very similar to the one seen in the movie:


The house was designed by Molecule, who just completed the project last year.  The traditional look of the house upstairs makes the modern, badass garage even more surprising.  Take a closer look at the property:

Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Ramp-01 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Basement-01 Molecule-Case-Study-House-For-a-Superhero-Stair-Construction-02 molecule_wayne_residence_9 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Pool-House-01 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Dining-01 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Salon-01 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Salon-02 Molecule-Wayne-Residence-Renovation-Toorak-2014-Wardrobe-01 molecule_wayne_residence_4 molecule_wayne_residence_3 molecule_wayne_residence_2

This House Will Make You Feel Like You’re on a Camping Trip Every Day of the Week


The AV House by BAK Architects will truly make you feel like you’re on a camping trip everyday of the week.  The home is located in Mar Azul, a Buenos Aires Province in Argentina.  The entire property is surrounded by 100s of trees, so nothing but the great outdoors is in clear sight.  Each bedroom and living area feature large glass panels that replace your standard wall.  Take a closer look at the amazing pad below:



Buy Regina George’s Mansion from “Mean Girls” for $14.8 Million


That’s right, the mansion that Regina George lived in for the movie Mean Girls is on the market.  For just under $15 million the incredible 20,000 square feet mansion can be all yours.  Amenities include a billiards room, exercise room, guest house, outdoor pool, tennis courts, a private elevator, and much more.  Check the listing here.

To refresh your memory here’s Regina’s house in the movie:

regina-george-house-mean-girls-10regina-george-house-mean-girls-2 regina-george-house-mean-girls-4 regina-george-house-mean-girls-7 regina-george-house-mean-girls-5 regina-george-house-mean-girls-6 regina-george-house-mean-girls-1 regina-george-house-mean-girls-9 regina-george-house-mean-girls-3 regina-george-house-mean-girls-8

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regina-george-house-mean-girls-11 regina-george-house-mean-girls-16 regina-george-house-mean-girls-15 regina-george-house-mean-girls-14 regina-george-house-mean-girls-13 regina-george-house-mean-girls-12 regina-george-house-mean-girls-17 regina-george-house-mean-girls-18 regina-george-house-mean-girls-19 regina-george-house-mean-girls-20 regina-george-house-mean-girls-21

Relive the classic movie with these Mean Girls Memes:


Incredible Lakefront Basecamp House in Washington 🏠


This incredibly dope lakefront house in Washington was built on the concept of being a basecamp you would meet at before trekking into the mountains.  It was built by Johnston Architects, and was envisioned to meet the active lifestyle of a family of seven.  The owners use the property to host potential clients from around the world.

Question is… what do I need to do to become a potential client?

lakefront-basecamp-house-2 lakefront-basecamp-house-3 lakefront-basecamp-house-4 lakefront-basecamp-house-5 lakefront-basecamp-house-6 lakefront-basecamp-house-7 lakefront-basecamp-house-8 lakefront-basecamp-house-9 lakefront-basecamp-house-10 lakefront-basecamp-house-11 lakefront-basecamp-house-12 lakefront-basecamp-house-13 lakefront-basecamp-house-14 lakefront-basecamp-house-15


“Bud and Breakfast” is Airbnb for Weed Smokers


Genius.  Pure genius.  Going on a trip and worried about where you’re going to puff that Swedish Cheeba?  Worry no more.  Bud and Breakfast  is here to take your stress away.  The website is essentially a version of Airbnb that lets you browse a variety of rental properties that are weed-smoker friendly.  Pretty amazing, right?  Peep their website right here.


Speaking of weed, did you guys see our 420 Dopeness (check it here).  Preview below:


4 Springs Lane by Robert M. Gurney Architects


Robert M. Gurney architects have made one hell of a pad right here.  4 Springs Lane is located in Virginia on a 24-acre plot of land, and it’s got some great views.  The amount of windows in this place is crazy.  Entire walls seem to be made out glass.  Just take a look at these photos, and be in awe.  Visit Robert M. Gurney’s website here.

4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-2 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-3 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-4 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-5 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-6 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-7 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-8 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-9 4-springs-lane-robert-m-gurney-10

More views of the masterpiece: