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This map shows what question each state Google searches the most


This is hilarious.  Estately put together this infographic that shows the most Googled question from each state in the USA.  Whatever state you live in, have you searched for the same question shown in your state?  Be honest.  Living in Kansas, I can honestly say I’ve never searched for the way to make meth.

Be sure to check out what each state Googled the most last year:

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Welcome to the future: Google’s Hands Free lets you pay with your voice

Welcome to 2016 where you can simply pay for something by speaking.  Google’s new Hands Free will let you walk up to the counter and simply say “I’m just paying with Google,” and voila.  Purchase complete.  At least, it seems like it should be that easy in my mind.

Hands Free will only work through retailers that have the feature set up, but it’s still pretty crazy that something like this is possible.  Learn more:

Google Employee Makes Smart Mirror for the Bathroom

Max Braun is a guy who builds products at Google, and recently he was disappointed in the lack of options out there for a “smart” mirror.  So, he decided to take things into his own hands, and build one for himself.  The user interface that he currently has designed for the mirror features the weather, time and date, and recent news headlines.  He’s also playing around with other potential features like traffic updates, reminders, and more.

Looks frickin’ sweet:

smart-mirror-1 smart-mirror-3 smart-mirror-4 smart-mirror-5