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These Sophisticated Ties are Made From Yellow Gold and Polymer


I bet you’ve never seen ties as crazy as this.  Hex Ties makes these detailed ties with intricate patterns made in gold and polymer.  Each tie is hand assembled, and will definitely stand out thanks to it’s yellow gold reflective polymers.  They have two gold options available ranging in price from $1098 to $1298.

Shop all their unique ties here.

hex-ties-8 hex-ties-7 hex-ties-3 hex-ties-1 hex-ties-4 hex-ties-5 hex-ties-6

The Most Expensive Foosball Table you Can Buy ⚽️

Foosball is a timeless classic when it comes to table-top games.  This takes the game to a level of luxury that hasn’t been seen before.  The Wood 24K Gold Foosball Table is constructed from cataphoresis steel and iroko wood, iroko wood handles, one team plated in 24K gold & one in silver chrome.  Also plated in 24K are the score counter, ball bearings, screws, and other small part throughout the table.  You can buy it here for $7200.

gold-foosball-table gold-foosball-3 gold-foosball-4 gold-foosball-2

Gold Embossed Toilet Paper ($250)

You’ve heard about people talking about wiping their bottoms with dollar bills, but how about some toilet paper embossed with gold? I’m not sure why you would buy a roll that says “Happy Birthday” when a roll of toilet paper usually lasts longer than a day. If you got an extra $250 to spare, and want to impress someone, buy a roll here.
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Cole Haan Limited-Edition Gold LunarGrand

We’ve share a lot of shoes that are “headturners”, but these take it to another level.  These limited edition gold LunarGrands from Cole Haan are limited to only 350 pairs, and are only available in Asia Pacific.  I don’t think I would ever want to ruin these by wearing them, but I would love to have them in my collection.
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“Gold” Cologne by Jay Z

Jay Z will be launching his first line of cologne entitled “Gold” this November. The fragrance is part of his collaborative collection with Barney’s. It will be available exclusively at Barneys starting November 20th before being made available at additional retailers including Macy’s, Dillard’s, Nordstrom’s and more. The cologne is said to smell like a combination of ginger, teak wood, pink pepper, amber, mirh and bourbon vanilla – which sounds amazing. Jay reportedly went through over three thousand name options before deciding that “Gold” was the perfect fit. The fragrance will be available in three different sizes with the price ranging from $39-$79. Continue reading “Gold” Cologne by Jay Z