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Chill Your Whiskey With These Geometric Drink Rocks


Want to chill your whiskey without watering it down?  These geometric drink rocks are perfect for you.  Not only will they have you sippin’ on some perfectly chilled drinks, but they’ll stand out and make for a great conversation piece.  Each set includes 4 different shapes of drink rocks made from soapstone and marble.

Buy them here for $35.

drink-rocks-shapes-1 drink-rocks-shapes-2

Incredible “Body of Water” Glass Sculptures by Ben Young


Ben Young is a self-taught artist who has been making amazing glass sculptures for over 10 years now.  Each of Young’s sculptures are hand drawn, hand cut and handcrafted.  He uses only the finest glass materials in his pieces, and each piece uses different textured and colored glass, so each sculpture is truly a one-of-a-kind artwork.  Check out more of Ben’s work below:


Be sure to check out Ben’s website right here.

These Wood Tables have Glass Rivers Flowing Through Them

Greg Klassen is a furniture maker who put together these amazing one-of-a-kind wood tables that feature glass rivers flowing through them. There’s a range of tables from coffee tables to conference tables, but they are all equally dope. Most of his current items are sold out, but there are still a few available over on his webshop.
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Watch Your Calorie Intake with the Half-Pint Glass

Don’t feel like drinking a Michelob Ultra, but also want to watch your beer intake a little bit? You should probably grab one of these half-pint glasses from The Fowndry. I really don’t know how you would take a sip out of this without spillin’ it, but hey, I’m sure you can figure it out. Single glass for $15, a pair for $25.
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A Look Through Google Glass

You know how in futuristic movies, the futurelings have badass glasses that can answer questions, record videos/pictures, send files to the mothership, etc.?  Yeah, well Google is making that happen – fo real.  Google’s new technology — called Glass — aims to revolutionize the way we interact with our surroundings — giving instant access to information and media.  Though not much has been revealed, this video gives us a look through Google Glass to showcase some of its alleged capabilities and user interface.

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G4 Glass Pool Table

“Yeah right… I would break this shit into smitherines in like 2 games,” says the reader in disbelief. But, in fact, the surface of the table is covered by some patented material designed by some genius chemist (who probably really likes doing cocaine), and the balls move on the table as they would on a felt surface. I didn’t believe it either, but then I watched the video. This G4 model comes as the second glass pool table model from Nottage Design; this new design being far more modern and simplistic than the G1. It also comes with a glass cover so it can be converted into a dining table. You can grab yours up for about $32,000. Is it just me, or does that price sound actually fairly reasonable? Continue reading G4 Glass Pool Table