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Tropical Islands is a Waterpark and Resort inside of an old German Air Hangar 🌊


There is architecture all over the world that is abandoned or unused, and an important task is to find a new use for these shells.  Tropical Islands is one of the best uses I’ve seen for an old piece of architecture.  Located inside of an old German Air Hangar, the waterpark and resort is quite the amazing retreat.  It features over 710,000 square feet of space, that can accommodate up to 6000 people at any given time.

Attributes include:

  • Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Temperature always set to 78º
  • Palms, ferns, and mangroves resembling an actual Tropical Island
  • Germany’s highest water slide tower
  • 191 rooms and lodges
  • Campsite outside the dome
  • Tropical Sauna and Spa Complex

Honestly, there’s even more than what’s stated above, and if that’s not enough to convince you to visit.  Take a look at the photos:

tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-1 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-2 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-3 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-4 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-5 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-6 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-7 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-8 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-9 tropical-islands-resort-the-giant-waterpark-inside-an-old-german-airship-hangar-10

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24K Gold Beats by Dre Headphones to Celebrate Germany’s World Cup Victory


Beats by Dre has decided to continue the shower of gold on the World Cup victor. Not only is Germany going to be living Brazil with the FIFA World Cup trophy, but they’ll also receive a pair of these 24K gold headphones from Beats by Dre.
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